Cage Warriors 141: Jim Wallhead Credits Perseverance for Comeback Success

London, England — After three years away, former UFC and Bellator MMA talent Jim Wallhead returned to the cage this past Friday, and put in a successful night at the office.

Wallhead (32-11) scored a first-round finish at Cage Warriors 141, electrifying the London crowd.

The welterweight attributes the win to being on “autopilot,” but the story of Wallhead’s comeback at 38 is one of perseverance.

“Everything went to plan, literally. We knew he was going to shoot the single, we knew he was going to take it high, we prepared well,” Wallhead told Cageside Press following the fight. “I had a great camp, really put the work in. Someone my age as well, 38, I put double work in”

Coming in after three years off, at his age, feeling as good as as he did, said Wallhead, was like “clockwork.” Then there’s the experience factor. “I’m good in all areas, I’ve got a lot of experience, that was my 46th fight. I was just doing what my coaches told me to do, and autopilot kicked in and got me the victory.”

Not may fighters make it to 40 or more fights in MMA, so what does Wallhead attribute his success to? “Being stupid, probably. Being a little bit dumb, and nothing better to do,” he joked. More seriously, he added “Perseverance. Without this sport, I was doing nothing with my life. When I started this sport 17 years ago, it change my life. And it’s given me a good life.”

Watch our full Cage Warriors 141 post-fight interview with Jim Wallhead above.