PFL 5: Brendan Loughnane Knows Pressure Is On Him with London Card Looming

With Boston Salmon out, PFL 5’s Brendan Loughnane has a new match-up for his second fight of the regular season.

Loughnane now faces Ago Huskic, and the 2021 semifinalist feels lucky to have an opponent that isn’t all that dissimilar from his original foe.

“To be fair, the guy is quite similar. I’m lucky in that aspect. I trained for a southpaw for seven weeks, and luckily the guy is a southpaw,” Loughnane (22-4) said during this week’s PFL 5 media day. “I just want to say a massive thank you to PFL and everyone, all the back[ground] staff, for finding someone on this short notice. Just a massive appreciation to them, because I trained so hard for this fight, I’m just glad I get to perform.”

Loughnane and his coaches have definitely done their homework — and he knows that, given the short-notice situation, the pressure is on him, not Huskic. Especially with the featherweight division log-jammed, with no one having more than three points.

“We watched this guy, we watched him a few times, watched a few fights. The guy’s tough, man. This is the biggest chance of his life. He’s coming, and he’s gonna f*cking give it everything he’s got,” Loughnane opined. “This is a tough fight for me, and it’s very difficult when you have a last minute change and somebody comes in. All the pressure’s on Brendan, London’s next. There’s so much pressure on me. He’s got nothing to lose, everyone thinks he’s going to lose anyway. So for me, pressure’s on me, carrying a big burden but I’m ready for it. This is what champions are made of.”

Watch the full PFL 5 media day appearance by Brendan Loughnane above. The event takes place this Friday, June 24, 2022 at the Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta, GA.