Jeremy Stephens “Swinging for the Fences Like Babe Ruth” at PFL 4


Atlanta, GA — Former UFC standout Jeremy Stephens enters his second fight of 2022 at PFL 4 on Friday.

Speaking during this week’s media day promoting the event, Stephens (28-20, 1NC) touched on the advantage of the league’s set schedule, which affords the fighters a certain level of consistency throughout the year.

“It’s good to get some consistency, coming right back in here. It’s a quick turnaround for me, and I like that,” Stephens told Cageside Press and other media outlets on Wednesday. “I was able to work on some things that I needed to work on going forward, and after not fighting for a year, to get back in here and do it again, it definitely excites me. I’m very excited, and can’t wait for you guys to see what I’ve been working on.”

Stephens went on to reveal that after his war with Clay Collard at PFL 1, a Fight of the Year contender for 2022, he was right back in the gym the following Monday.

“My legs weren’t beat up or anything like that, I just had some black eyes, and I healed up quickly. My body finally healed up and I was able to take care of an injury that I [had] leading into the fight,” he recalled. “I was able to train the way I wanted to train, do the things that I needed to do to get my volume, get my cardio up, and come in here and give you guys a fantastic show for Friday.”

Being able to fight again so soon has his confidence up as well, explained Stephens.

“It was a big confidence booster, because say you’re fighting in the UFC, you have a Fight of the Year-type candidate like that, you could be fighting seven, eight months, maybe a year down the road,” he noted. “For me, the past two years I only fought once. That’s terrible.”

Stephens went on to point out that he’s been fighting since age 16, made it to the UFC by his 21st birthday, and got used to competing three times a year at least. “So to get back in here and get that consistency, it was definitely like a security blanket financially. It feels good to get back in there and get that money back up and be able to build for my family.”

“I’m only going to be 36, 37 so long, and then as the years go on, as you get older, you gotta think about what’s life after fighting. And you can’t build a future if you’re not making money doing the things you love to do,” he continued. “PFL have given me a home, I’m able to provide for my family, build that future. I definitely owe ’em one, and I can’t wait for Friday, you guys are going to see what I’m talking about.”

As for opponent Myles Price? “He’s dead. He’s dead, that’s it,” Stephens deadpanned. And yes, as always, he’ll be looking for the finish.

“You know me, man, I’m swinging for the fences like Babe Ruth the moment that that bell rings. If he’s not out of there in the first minute, I’m getting him outta there in the second. If he’s still there, I’m going for the kill. You know me, I swing for the finish, and I’ve got the cardio to back it up this time. I’ve got the skills to pay the bills, and you’re in for a treat.”

Watch the full PFL 4 media day appearance by Jeremy Stpehens above. The event goes down this Friday, June 17, 2022 in Atlanta, GA.


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