UFC 275: Jiri Prochazka Secures Late Submission, Dethrones Glover Teixeira

Glover Teixeira and Jiri Prochazka, UFC 275
SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE - JUNE 10: (L-R) Opponents Glover Teixeira of Brazil and Jiri Prochazka of Czech Republic fo during the UFC 275 weigh-in at Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 10, 2022 in Singapore. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

UFC 275’s light heavyweight main event saw 42-year old champ Glover Teixeira put his title on the line against standout Czech contender and former RIZIN champion Jiri Prochazka.

The obvious storyline was youth versus experience. Then there was the clash of styles, with Prochazka’s unique stand-up a stark contrast to Teixeira’s boxing and grappling.

Teixeira landed a hard kick early as the action got underway; Jiri fired one back with far less on it. Teixeira went to the body, then fired a hook upstairs. The champ had to be careful not to get caught on the fence, and would change things up with a single-leg attempt about a minute in. It took a bit of effort, but Teixeira kicked out Prochazka’s leg and finished it. Teixeira would get on top, then threaten to take the back. The champ would end up in side control, then north-south; Prochazka was finally able to explode off the cage, and almost immediately fired a flying knee that fell short.

Prochazka fired a kick next, while Glover landed a punch, grabbed a leg, dumped Prochazka, and got to mount! Glover began dropping some heavy shots, but Prochazka nearly escaped after giving up his back. Teixeira was too high up, and eventually slipped off. With just 20 seconds left in the round, Prochazka got on top and began teeing off! He’d run out of time however.

Prochazka was having no part of a stoppage by the ref after an early eye poke in round two. Jiri flashed a deadly-looking front kick. He fanned on that, but fired a knee next. Teixeira fired a kick to the body of his own. Prochazka looked ready to explode at any moment. He connected with a jab, then did launch a flying knee. Prochazka backed Teixeira up, and the champ shot for a desperation takedown! No dice. Prochazka moved in with hammerfists, but Teixeira survived, and almost had a choke.

Back on the feet, Prochazka had the champ cornered and was teeing off. Glover came up short on a takedown. Then another one. Teixeira was looking tired, his takedowns labored. Prochazka fired an elbow. The champ was suddenly lit up, eating punches, but Teixeira landed a left and dropped Prochazka! Teixeira got on top, looking to make something happen. In the dying seconds, in mount, Teixeira began smashing Prochazka with elbows! The buzzer sounded; Prochazka was cut bad above the eye.

Jiri Prochazka opened the third with a high kick, easily blocked. Teixeira’s first takedown attempt failed; he went to his back, but Prochazka waved him up. They exchanged, Prochazka landed his jab a few times. Teixeira closed the distance, but couldn’t complete the takedown. After eating a few punches, he tried again, but Prochazka was too slippery. Teixeira ate a knee, but caught a leg and dumped the challenger! Teixeira wound up in side control, but Prochazka turned in and got to his knees, then drove Teixeira into the fence.

Stnading elbows in the cluinch followed for Prochazka. A body shot landed for the Czech, but Teixeira almost took the back. Prochazka put him back on the fence and began teeing off. A knee to the body landed, And Teixieira went down. He rolled to his back, and this time, Prochazka got on top! He began landing some big shots. Glover was bloodied. He fought the wrists. Prochazka then tried for a choke, but Teixeira got on top! With thirty seconds to work, Teixeira began dropping elbows! He’d finish the round on top.

Three rounds of pure action, with the championship rounds still to come. Topping a wildly entertaining card in Singapore, the main event was exceeding expectations. Round four kicked off with Teixeira firing a combo and backing Prochazka up. He hit the body, then fired a head kick. Prochazka landed an uppercut. He followed that up with a combo. Teixeira then wobbled Prochazka! He moved in for a big takedown, landing in side control! From there, Teixeira moved to mount, and locked up an arm-triangle choke! Not fully in position, Teixeira took his time before finally stepping over. Prochazka gave the thumbs up, then rolled out and got on top! He began droping punches with Teixeira on his back. The champ held on, reversed, taking the back! Prochazka survived, reversed, and ended the round in Teixeira’s guard.

Heading into the fifth round, the crowd rewarded Glover Teixeira and Jiri Prochazka with a round of applause. Then, early, Teixeira rocked the challenger! Prochazka was wobbled and Teixeira went for a guillotine — huge mistake! That allowed Prochazka to get on top. Luckily for the champ, they didn’t stay there. Another right hand landed for Teixeira. A left hit home for the champ. He pressed, and moved in for a takedown. Prochazka had a whizzer on, and fought it off. Half a round left, and both men were still in it. Teixeira landed a right on the ear. Prochazka walked it off. Glover then hit a takedown, with two minutes remaining. Prochazka wasn’t about to stay down, or so it seemed, but Teixeira moved to mount!

Teixeira’s time in the driver’s seat wouldn’t last. Prochazka used the fence to walk himself around and push off. That allowed him to control the back; Teixeira rolled, and Prochazka moved to side control, and nearly had a crucifix. Then, with just seconds remaining, Jiri Prochazka locked in a rear-naked choke! Teixeira fought the hands, but was forced to tap just 30 seconds away from a possible win.

It took a herculean effort, but Jiri Prochazka leaves Singapore as the new, undisputed UFC light heavyweight champion.

Official Result: Jiri Prochazka def. Glover Teixeira by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 5, 4:32