UFC 275: Kyung Ho Kang Jabs, Leg Kicks His Way To Unanimous Decision Against Danaa Batgerel

Kyung Ho Kang and Danaa Batgerel, UFC 275
Kyung Ho Kang and Danaa Batgerel, UFC 275 face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

South Korea’s Kyung Ho Kang and Mongolian Danaa Batgerel were both looking to return to the win column when they kicked off the televised preliminary card at UFC 275 in Singapore.

The bantamweight pairing found both fighters coming off a single loss, with both previously having racked up three-fight win streaks.

After a touch of gloves, both fighters took the center of the octagon. Batgerel landed a counter left hook early that got Kang’s attention. Kang landed low kicks. About 90 seconds into the fight, Kang landed a heavy low kick, and Batgerel landed straight right. A 1-2 from Batgerel came next. Batgerel landed a hard right hand that backed Kang up. A 1-2, and a body punch from Batgerel landed, and then a few seconds later he landed a shovel uppercut. Thirty seconds left in the round, and Batgerel walked down Kang with combos. Kang threw a spinning elbow, but it slightly landed. The round ended with Batgerel throwing a power hook.

Round two started with a low kick from Batgerel, followed by a power jab. Kang wobbled Batgerel with a punch and attempted a flying knee but missed. 3:25 left, and both fighters exchanged leg kicks and punches. Nearing the midway point of round two, and Kang attempted his first takedown; Batgerel defended. Kang landed a power job but then ate a 1-2. A body kick from Batgerel landed. Kang tried for a takedown, missed, and ate an illegal knee, but the referee missed it. The round ended with a right-hand connection from Kang.

Forty-five seconds into round three, Kang landed a perfect right hand, but Batgerel ate it. Three minutes left in the fight, and Batgerel finally switched stances after his leg was beaten up. Just plain chewed up really. Both fighters exchanged jabs and punches. Batgerel attempted a spinning back fist but missed it. 45 seconds left in the fight, and Kang landed a nasty hook. Batgerel attempted a takedown with less than 20 seconds, but Kang defended it. Batgerel charged Kang to end the fight.

Official Result: Kyung Ho Kang def. Danaa Batgerel by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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