UFC 275: Glover Teixeira Ready For Prochazka Challenge, Not Sure About Retirement

Glover Teixeira UFC 267
Glover Teixeira, UFC 267 media day Credit: Youtube/UFC

Singapore – UFC light heavyweight champion Glove Teixeira defends his title for the first time against Jiri Prochazka in the main event of UFC 275 on Saturday night.

Teixeira (33-7) comes into UFC 275 for his first fight week as champion and he spoke to reporters about it on Wednesday.

“I’m enjoying every moment of it. It’s great to be a champ. I’m enjoying the journey. Incredible time,” Teixeira said.

Life hasn’t changed very much for the 205 king since beating Jan Blachowicz for the title at UFC 267 in 2021.

“People ask ‘How your life has changed after winning the belt’. I don’t have the answer. Why would it change? I’m just humble, normal guy and just being a champion is just a title. It’s just an accomplishment that I chased for so many years and it’s incredible. It’s great to be a champion,” he said.

Prochazka (28-3-1) brings a new set of problems for Teixeira but the champion sees it as a challenge that he needs to overcome in order to retain the belt.

“He’s a striker. A unique fighter, unpredictable, and I like the challenge. I want to prove to everybody, all you guys all the fans, and most of all myself. Am I ready? Am I real champion? I’m just going to go after this guy,” said Teixeira.

Prochazka has been talking about working on his grappling knowing Teixeira’s expertise on the ground is likely the toughest part to overcome in the fight.

“Different could be better for him or worse because he’s doing good doing what he was doing. Now he’s going to change it, who knows if he’s going to change it, I’m prepared for that Jiri. I’m prepared for the Jiri that I saw. What’s he going to do try for a takedown? Like I said he’s unpredictable. I’m unpredictable because you know I’m going for the takedown, start defending those takedowns, those hands start hitting you. Like what happened with Blachowicz. I got him with the left hook and then he thought ‘Oh sh*t what’s going on now’,” Teixeira said.

“So we’ll see man. I’m just so excited to see what’s going on. I like the challenge, I like to see what’s onj the table.”

At 42-years-old Teixeira is nearing the end of his MMA career and had even previously stated that he would look to defend the title against Prochazka before having a retirement fight at Madison Square Garden in New York. Since then Teixeira has walked those comments back saying that he’s not sure when he’ll actually walk away.

“I say it’s a possibility. I never said ‘I’m going to retire in November’ I said it’s a possibility. I never said for sure. It doesn’t matter like what you want now could change. Who knows, after this fight, or after the next fight. Who knows how long I’m going to fight. If I’m going to be fighting 45-years-old like Randy Couture,” Teixeira said.

“I’m feeling great, I’m feeling good. I don’t have any major injury. I’m just living the moment man. Let tomorrow take care of itself.”