Road to UFC: Episode 2 Breakdown and Predictions

Koyomi Matsushima
Koyomi Matsushima vs Garry Tonon, Big Bang Credit: ONE Championship

The second episode of Road to UFC features fighters from around the globe, including Japan, Australia, China, India, and more. The tournament sees four weight classes in the spotlight: flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight. It’s win and move on, with the eventual tournament champion breaking into the UFC.

We’ve got our predictions ready for Road to UFC 2 — let’s go!

Flyweight: Shaun Etchell Vs. Takeru Uchida

Tale of the tape

Shaun Etchell
Tasmania, Australia
2-fight win streak

Takeru Uchida
Chiba, Japan
4-fight win streak

Pros and Cons

Shaun Etchell


  • Good leg kicks
  • Good ground and pound
  • Durable
  • Forward pressure
  • Decent wrestling


  • TDD needs work
  • Plodding footwork
  • A bit slow
  • Gives up his back

Takeru Uchida


  • Huge submission threat
  • Dangerous off his back
  • Lightning-quick transitions
  • Slick jiu-jitsu
  • Improved wrestling
  • Chain wrestles well


  • Shoots desperate takedowns
  • One-dimensional

Prediction: To me, all focus is on the 19-year-old grappling phenom Takeru Uchida. There are significant concerns in this fight for him though. He is still very young and still lacking physically. Uchida is still grapple-heavy and hasn’t yet branched out to other aspects of MMA.

Etchell is easily more well-rounded and the more proven fighter. On tape, the Aussie should take this win home. With that said, Uchida is so good on the mat I’m not sure Etchell survives if he gets taken down even once. His takedown defense isn’t too good and he has given up his back to lesser grapplers. He can’t afford to do that with Uchida. Even on the feet, Etchell isn’t anywhere close to a great striker so he’s not that much of a threat to the kid from Japan. The pick is Uchida.