Road to UFC 2: Episode 3 Breakdown and Predictions

Zhu Rong UFC 261 weigh-in
Rong Zhu, UFC 261 Official Weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Later this month, the Road to UFC tournament returns for its second instalment. Featuring top up-and-coming talents out of Asia looking to make their way to the UFC, Road to UFC 2 will once again include fighters across four weight classes, from flyweight to lightweight, competing in an eight-man tournament to secure a coveted spot in the UFC.

Episode 3 of the opening round goes down Saturday, May 28 starting at 6AM ET on UFC Fight Pass, and we’ve got a look at what to expect!

Lightweight, Zhu Rong Vs. Hong Sung Chan

Tale of the Tape

Zhu Rong
Aba, Sichuan, China
Combined opponents’ record: 160-83-1
Hong Sung Chan
Seoul, South Korea
9-1, 2 NC
Seven-fight win streak
Combined opponents’ record: 49-20

Pros and Cons

Zhu Rong


  • Good distance control
  • Good kickboxing
  • Solid footwork
  • Good wrestling
  • Heavy ground and pound
  • Strong chin


  • Head movement lacks at times
  • Poor TDD
  • Sits in the pocket too long

Hong Sung Chan


  • Excellent wrestling
  • Physically strong
  • Active ground and pound
  • Strong top position
  • Good chain-wrestling


  • Squared stance
  • Stiff striking
  • One-dimensional

Prediction: I won’t go too much into Rong since he’s had his chance in the UFC. This is a clear striker versus grappler match-up. Rong can wrestle/grapple but has a big advantage on the feet. This fight depends on how frequently Chan can take Rong down.

In the UFC Rong had good TDD but it was poor prior to that. Also, Rong didn’t fight a wrestler in the UFC. Still, I’m more excited for Rong. He’s younger and has a better skillset to develop into the future. I can see Chan just wrestling Rong but I think the gap on the feet is too wide. I see Rong putting hands on Chan for an eventual finish.