UFC Vegas 56: Joe Solecki Proud Of Performance, Loves Attention On Beard


Las Vegas, NV – After a close three-round battle UFC lightweight Joe Solecki pulled off a majority decision over Alex da Silva at UFC Vegas 56 on Saturday night.

“That’s a tough guy. A well-rounded guy. Very explosive, very dangerous through the entire fight. I really thought I had him finished in the second. He probably grabbed my gloves 7 or 8 times so that got tough. The ref did an awesome job. I really, really appreciate him actually being on top of the action. I’ve been a back-taker for a long time, and I’m no stranger to guys grabbing my gloves. You call it out and they (refs) don’t say anything. I had to call it out a couple times, but ultimately he took a point which was the right thing to do,” Solecki told reporters in his post-fight scrum.

Following the bout da Silva walked around the octagon with hands raised, dancing, and celebrating what he thought was a win while Solecki stood on the side of the cage waiting for the decision.

“I wasn’t parading around holding my hands up. Not because I didn’t think we got it. I popped my rib out on kind of a failed takedown in the third. I just wanted to hold myself up against the fence and let the judges do their thing. I’m going to do my work and wait for the result,” he said.

“I’m proud of the performance it was tough. This was a grind, but I’m proud of that.”

Solecki has been known to enter grappling events having competed against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone recently and at ADCC trials. The game plan for this fight? Compete.

“Compete. I can’t be lackadaisical in any position. The only spot I think I was, was on my back in closed guard in the third. In the first I think it was a smart thing because I had got dropped. I was going for submissions I was not being content. In third a little content, but we got back up and I started slinging again. It was competing for every single position can’t be complacent, can’t be lackadaisical,” Solecki said.

“When I did that I think it was ultimately the difference.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 56 post-fight media scrum with Joe Solecki above.


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