KSW 70: Pudzianowski vs. Materla Weigh-In Results

Mariusz Pudzianowski, KSW
Mariusz Pudzianowski, KSW weigh-in Credit: KSW

Saturday’s KSW 70 card is now official.

On Friday morning, all fighters set to compete at the event in Lodz, Poland hit the scales — and per promotion officials, all fighters have successfully made weight. That should come as no surprise in the case of the main event, where former strongman and five-time World’s Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski will enjoy a 34 pound weight advantage against Michal Materla.

Materla clocked in at 222 pounds, while “Pudzian” hit the scales at 256. Pudzianowski will enter the bout on a four-fight win streak, most recently having made quick work of the massive “Bombardier,” a 300lb+ super heavyweight and one of the few leviathans bigger than Pudzianowski himself.

Full results from Friday’s KSW 70 weigh-in can be found below. The event will stream live on Saturday, May 28, 2022, and is available via KSW.tv.

KSW 70 Weigh-In Results

Main Event
Mariusz Pudzianowski (116 kg/256 lb) vs. Michal Materla (100.5kg/222 lb)

Co-Main Event
Ricardo Prasel (108.3 kg/239 lb) vs. Daniel Omelianczuk (115 kg/254 lb)

Light Heavyweight
Ivan Erslan (93.5 kg/206 lb) vs. Rafał Kijańczuk (93.2 kg/205 lb)

Marek Samociuk (116 kg/256 lb) vs. Izu Ugonoh (107 kg/236 lb)

Light Heavyweight
Damian Piwowarczyk (93.5 kg/206 lb) vs. Bartosz Leśko (92.5 kg/204 lb)

Radosław Paczuski (84.4 kg/186 lb) vs. Jason Wilnis (84.1 kg/185 lb)

Anita Bekus (52.3 kg/115 lb) vs. Roberta Zocco (52.6 kg/116 lb)

Catchweight 85.5 kg
Albert Odzimkowski (85.4 kg/188 lb) vs. Tommy Quinn (85.4 kg/188 lb)

Catchweight 74 kg 
Lukasz Rajewski (73.9 kg/163 lb) vs. Francisco Barrio (74 kg/163 lb)


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