UFC: Derek Brunson Blasts USADA Over “Glitchy” App, Whereabouts Failures

Derek Brunson, UFC
Derek Brunson, UFC 271 official weigh-in Credit: Dave Noseworthy/Cageside Press

UFC middleweight Derek Brunson is no fan of USADA’s drug testing regime.

On Thursday, Brunson (23-8) expressed his frustration with the Anti-Doping organization’s drug testing program, stating that it “has to be the worst testing program out [there]” on social media.

USADA (the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) oversees the UFC’s Anti-Doping policy. All UFC fighters are subject to the program.

Continuing his critique of the USADA system, Brunson added “Imagine trying to handle business outside of the octagon and having to take quick flights to check on properties , having a family and other stuff going on, etc and them giving you failures because you forgot to update the glitchy app. There’s several athletes out here taking PEDs but no one failing . Get your GPS feature back . Giving someone a failed whereabouts isn’t the same as someone failing a PED [performance enhancing drug] test ….”

Brunson, who has never failed a drug test under the USADA system, or on any other occasion, later clarified that he had received two whereabouts failures from the anti-doping organization, without specifying the time frame. He added that the agency warned him a third could result in a two-year suspension from fighting.

Just to be clear. USADA gave me a whereabouts infraction because I didn’t update my location. Stating I have two whereabouts infractions and one more could result in a two year suspension. They used to have GPS tracking, maybe get back the system that worked for fighters!”

Fighters are expected to keep their location up to date at all times with USADA, who can test athletes unannounced year-round.

Update, 3:00 PM ET: A USADA official responded to Cageside Press on Friday, addressing Brunson’s complaint regarding the organization’s app. “We are continually working to improve the application based on athlete feedback. Athletes also have multiple other options to submit Whereabouts, including by text, by email, and through the Athlete Express website.”

The same official was not able to comment on Brunson’s whereabouts failures or confirm when they occurred.


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