UFC Vegas 53: Andre Fili Dealt With Uncertainty Following No Contest In Last Fight


Las Vegas, NV – Coming off a tough ending to his last bout due to an eye poke, UFC featherweight Andre Fili returns to the octagon against Joanderson Brito at UFC Vegas 53 on Saturday night.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday Fili spoke on what the last 8 months have been like for him following his bout ending in a no-contest decision after Daniel Pineda could not continue.

“I was a little bit bummed honestly. I was mostly happy with my performance. Felt I had a great performance. Obviously the ending (wasn’t) what we wanted. It’s been a real tough, I’ve been inactive for 8 months, it’s been a real…..the past 8 months have been real tough for me honestly in certain ways. It’s been a real test, but I’ve come back better,” Fili said.

“I’ve really had to deal with a lot of things in these past 8 months. Being inactive and having a lot of uncertainty in my life. I’ve got a mortgage to pay, I have people that I want to make proud, I have all of these goals that I want to check off the list and I can’t do that inactive.”

Fili touched on some of the uncertainty surrounding the past year including not having a UFC contract in place after the Pineda fight.

“I also didn’t have a UFC contract security. So there was a lot of uncertainty these past 8 months. I walked through the fire, came out better. I got a new contract signed, I busted my ass doing 3 or 4 sessions a day and I’m ready to go to the next one. I’ve been focused on Saturday. I’m ready to just get another win. That’s been the biggest lesson since that fight. What’s in the past is in the past man. You’ve just got to keep pushing forward,” said Fili.

“That’s what I’m focused on, constant progression.”

That progression will be tested against Joanderson Brito who, although only on his second bout in the UFC, brings problems for Fili. Even with the lack of experience from his opponent Fili is not picky on who he fights and isn’t overlooking Brito.

“Yeah he’s a dangerous fighter. I don’t care because everyone in the UFC is good. I think people who aren’t involved in the sport as much don’t understand. People are like ‘Oh he’s only fought one time in the UFC’. Yeah but he had to hurt 12 people to get here. He’s a dangerous dude and everybody that you fight in the UFC is going to be dangerous almost without exception. You don’t get to this part of the sport without being something special,” Fili said.

“With that said I’m more dangerous. I don’t care who it is. I’m the best featherweight in the world. No one’s going to believe me right now and I don’t care. I’m just going to keep proving it.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 53 media day appearance from Andre Fili above. The event takes place this Saturday, April 30, 2022 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. More coverage can be found below.


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