PFL 1: Simeon Powell Looking For Opportunity In PFL’s 205 Division


Arlington, TX – PFL’s 2022 season kicked off in spectacular fashion after light heavyweight Simeon Powell finished Clinton Williams with a nasty knee which ended the fight via third round KO.

Speaking to the media following his bout at PFL 1 on Wednesday night Powell spoke about his performance.

“Good, it could have been better, but ultimately I knew I was the better athlete. I knew I was fitter I was conditioned better. So I knew my opportunity would be there when I found it. I was waiting I could feel him getting weaker and weaker and I found my opportunity,” Powell told reporters in his post-fight scrum.

Being the first bout on the card and the first finish had Powell hoping for a check going his way after the event would end.

“Lovely. Let’s hope no more knockouts so I can get a bonus,” Powell joked.

The win over Williams was the third KO finish for Powell in his career.

“I’ve got this weird thing with knockouts. I get these little tingles and I just see it. Boom I throw it and the guys sleeping. I felt his body go soft, he got lazy, he got tired, and I just saw the opening.”

Powell was coming off a decision win over Tobias Baker at PFL Challenger Series 8 just 12 days before his fight on Wednesday. The quick turnaround did not deter Powell from taking the bout.

“Never. This is a big opportunity. This is PFL’s opening show. I’d be stupid not to take an opportunity like that. I took it,” Powell said.

As far as a name he’d like to see on a fight contract next Powell wasn’t picky.

“Anyone. I’m a fighter. I don’t care, anyone can get it honestly. Give me a full camp this time,” Powell laughed.

Watch the rest of Simeon Powell’s post-fight scrum above. For more from PFL 1 2022 check out


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