Free Agent Sabina Mazo on Move to Connecticut to Train with Glover Teixeira

Commerce, CA — Last we saw Sabina Mazo, the then-UFC flyweight found herself submitted by fellow young star Miranda Maverick.

Now that a few weeks have passed, Mazo (9-4) spoke to Cageside Press about the next stage of her career, and about her move to Connecticut, where she’s training alongside light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira.

“Right now I’m a free agent, I’m looking for the best option. Nothing settled yet, I’m still working on it,” Mazo said, when asked about her contract status following reports of her release. “But I know it’s going to be exciting.”

Regarding her move east, “the most important thing for me was the environment,” Mazo told us. “The people there, Glover has such a great energy. Absolutely everyone over there has the same energy. So I think that counts a lot, the way how they are welcoming. That makes it different. For sure it’s different weather and everything, but it’s good. It was good to spend some time in California, a few years honestly, and it’s in my heart, but I think it’s time to move on.”

In Connecticut, Mazo will continue to grind, and look to rebound from the loss to Maverick, her third consecutive defeat after starting her UFC run at 9-1.

“For sure, it was not the decision I wanted. I’m back in the gym. There’s so many things I have to change, the way I train, the way everything is,” Mazo admitted. “I’ve always been disciplined, that’s my main thing I’ll always conserve and keep doing it. But many things, many aspects of my training is changing. The people I’m training with. I’ll move on, I know for sure I have a great future. It hasn’t been the best performances, but it really gives me that fuel I need to for stepping in there and being hungrier.”

Watch our full interview with “The Colombian Queen” Sabina Mazo above.