LFA 148: Sabina Mazo Plans to Work Her Way Back to UFC, However Many Fights It Takes

Sabina Mazo is still just 25, and the “Colombian Queen” is looking to work her way back to the UFC.

Having been released by the promotion earlier this year (or more accurately, she finished out her deal and was not resigned), Mazo (9-4) will return to her old stomping grounds in LFA starting with LFA 148 on December 9, 2022.

“I feel really good. I feel right now a little tired, just because of all the sessions I’m doing of training. But I’m super-excited,” she told Cageside Press just a few weeks out from her match-up with prospect Jamey-Lyn Horth. “I feel that fire inside of me, and that’s the most important thing for me right now, to get back to the cage and get that fire of wanting to fight. That starving feeling I’m having all this week— I don’t know. I feel powerful.”

Mazo parted ways with the UFC off the end of a three-fight skid, posting a 3-4 record inside the octagon overall. The move not to re-sign her was a bit of a surprise, given her youth and upside. Luckily, she did not lack for suitors when free agency hit.

“There was a lot of options, thank God. I really like that, and I thank all the promotions,” Mazo stated. “But LFA was my number one, because I have a history with LFA. I owe too much to them, and I feel that’s the path I want to go and take to be back to the UFC. Because that’s my plan.”

Mazo does have history with Legacy Fighting Alliance, as she went 4-0 for the company, winning and defending the LFA flyweight title. After speaking with her manager, Mazo signed off on the deal to return to the company. “We though that was going to be the best option. I don’t mind if I have to fight one, two, three, as many fights as I have to do to show my work and make the UFC want me again. That was the plan since the beginning.”

In a way, losing her spot in the UFC has helped Mazo learn just how much she wants what she referred to as her “dream job.”

“It’s never going to be easy to lose your dream job, but I feel that I learned so much from it, from losing. It really showed me that I can do it if I really want to. My last losses, I feel like I am super responsible for them, and I was not making the right decisions in my life.”

“That really only showed me how much I can [do]. And if you really want something, you can really get it,” Mazo continued. “That was the proof, I went to the UFC at a young age. I feel like it opened more, my eyes to MMA. I feel like it opened a door to really discover who I am and how I am as a fighter.”

Having discovered that, Mazo is now focused on working her way back. “I feel like it was just a little taste I had from the UFC, but it gives me that fire to want to go back there. I know how it works, I know the high quality of fighters. That’s why I’m fighting again.”

Watch our full interview with LFA 148’s Sabina Mazo above.