UFC 272: Colby Covington Proclaims “The King of Miami Showed Out Tonight”

Las Vegas, NV — As winner of UFC 272’s grudge match main event with Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington got the last word on Saturday.

A lot of them, in actual fact, as “Chaos” continued to self-promote following the unanimous decision victory, already working to line up his next bout.

“You could see in his [Masvidal’s] body language, he had nothing left in the fight,” Covington told media outlets including Cageside Press following the five-round welterweight affair at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. “I was ready for five more rounds in the parking lot. If he wants to keep doing this, we can go five more rounds in the parking lot.”

“Bring on another guy. American Trash Team, man. They keep sending guys to me, but just don’t expect to get them back in one piece. I’m ready to take on two of those fighters in one night. The King of Miami showed out tonight.”

The self-proclaimed “King of Miami” went on to say that, given his choice, a rematch against Kamaru Usman would be next, after losing to the champ twice. But with that off the table for the time being, another former teammate of Covington’s, Dustin Poirier, is now in his cross-hairs.

“Definitely Marty Fake Newsman a third time. I’ve got unfinished business with him. When I left the arena in Madison Square Garden, all the fans knew I won rounds three, four, and five. But he’s going to be out for a while, he’s got that hand surgery, so I figure I’ll get another tune-up fight with Dustin Poirier, who said it’s on sight,” Covington stated when asked what’s next. “And he weighs more than me, he’s just a bully who cuts a lot of weight. I don’t cut any weight, because I know I’m the best in the world and I don’t need to have a weight advantage over anybody.”

“Dustin, name the site, bring that Jezebel of a wife and bring Conor’s little kid Parker,” Covington finished, throwing out another barb in Poirier’s direction — Covington’s latest tactic has been to claim Poirier’s child actually belongs to Conor McGregor.

Despite the bravado after the fact, Covington did admit that he wasn’t entirely happy with his performance on Saturday.

“It wasn’t my best performance. Just a lot of emotions going into it. That was a real friend of mine at one point in my career,” Covington explained. “He’s such a backstabbing thief, and he’s talked so reckless, and he’s tried to make some false narratives to the media, make a lot of lies, like he does. He’s a liar, he’s a thief. I let the emotions get the best of me, but it was still dominant. I just showed how good I was, that I am the number one fighter in the world for a reason, and it wasn’t even competitive tonight.”

Watch the full UFC 272 post-fight press conference with Colby Covington above. More coverage from the event can be found below.