UFC 272: Bryce Mitchell ‘Planting The Seed’ To Help People With Fighting

Las Vegas, NV – Coming off a win over an opponent with a very storied career you would think that UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell would be on about his future plans, winning UFC gold, and getting rich. You would be wrong.

Mitchell (15-0) took his mic time with Joe Rogan after the fight to talk about giving money to charity to pay for children’s hospital bills. In an amazing gesture he announced that he would be giving half of his purse to charity, but the president of the UFC pulled him aside after the fight.

“Dana White came up to me after the fight and he said ‘Don’t give your money. I’m going to give the $45 thousand. I’m still going to give some money but he said don’t give any of your money it’s going to be mine, I’m going to take care of it. I’m still going to do something because I just need to. There will be more than $45 thousand we have people coming out of the woodwork. So I’m planting the seed and we’re going to watch this thing grow. It’s all about giving back,” Mitchell told the media in his post-fight scrum.

“Like I said this ain’t going to be about just hurting people. When I’m done we’re going to help people.”

Mitchell defeated Edson Barbosa via unanimous decision at UFC 272 on Saturday night continuing his undefeated streak and getting closer to a possible shot at gold.

“I’m feeling very good just a little bit swole up, but you know, a lot of people when they fight him get carried out and sh*t. I’m very happy. There’s a lot of stuff I feel that I could tighten up on in that performance. I’m just lucky that I could walk out of there and I’m conscious and nothing’s broke I don’t think. I’m happy.”

As for what’s next for the rising UFC star he remained humble in his remarks.

“I feel like I want a title shot, but I’m just waiting in the lunch line. I’m not going to try and cut the lunch line. I’m just doing everything that I’ve got to do to earn my spot. Obviously I’m going to say title shot if you ask me what I want.”

Watch the full UFC 272 post-fight press scrum with Bryce Mitchell above. More coverage from the event can be found below.