Bea Malecki Reveals Scary Details About Her Brain Health After Suffering Concussions

UFC fighter Bea Malecki
Bea Malecki Credit: Instagram

UFC Fighter Bea Malecki is suffering from some scary concussion-related symptoms.

Brain damage and combat sports will forever be linked, unfortunately. UFC bantamweight Malecki (4-1) is the latest fighter suffering from concussion symptoms.

The Swedish fighter was knocked out for the first time in her career in August by Josiane Nunes at UFC on ESPN: Cannonier vs. Gastelum.

Malecki gave an update about what has been going on in an Instagram post.

“6 months ago. Tbh u win u lose it’s ok but what sucks is that I haven’t been careful with my brain during all these years of martial arts. I’ve had so many sparring sessions when I felt like my brain would pop out from my head. Not remembering where I parked the car on my way home etc. One time I felt so bad and I couldn’t keep going. It felt like my muscles were fatigued as hell and I had trouble to even move around properly. I think that’s when I got my first real concussion,” Malecki wrote. “I had to be at home for weeks and have dark in my room because any light would make me feel dizzy. I did a brain scan and it didn’t show anything bad so then everyone around me said it was clear to start training again. And get punches in the head… I thought it was really weird because I just had a concussion so I don’t think it’s a good idea but I was listening to the people/coaches who I trusted.”

“Ever since then I’ve never been the same, I think this happened around that time I fought Veronica, I don’t know exactly when. I’ve had weird headaches after my sparrings and I can tell that my brain is slow. For this last camp I was so worried about my brain that I only sparred mma 3 times. Because every time I had sparring I felt more weak afterwards. Like I legit fucked myself up for every punch to The head. And after this knock last fight I got a real damn concussion. I felt so bad. I just felt I need to take care of this because I’m telling you I started to saying wrong words out of context like I wanna say “tomorrow” but I’m saying “upstairs” but then I’m like what did I just say(still) when I’m writing I can have trouble to spell words that I’ve been able to spell my whole life. And I can feel that my brain is slow from time to time and it’s like somethings missing.”

“Just a reminder to all of u. Take care of your brain and listen to your gut feeling. Don’t listen to people that say u need to do this or that. You have your own will. Unfortunately that’s how people get mad at you but then u don’t need them. Be you and stand up for yourself. If something doesn’t feel good then leave. Your health is FIRST nothing else is more important. Please remember.. k bye have a great Sunday 😘.”

After getting many messages of support from her fans and fellow fighters, Malecki posted an Instagram story that gave a little more insight into her future.

“Thank you guys for all of the support; I don’t know what to say. I will do everything I can to recover and get better. I do want to fight still. It has always been my dream and will always be my dream. I will have to see if I can do it or not, but right now, I still have hope that I can do it. In my damaged brain, I think I can do it by the end of the year,” Malecki said. For the people who have been asking if I am still in the UFC, yes, I am, but I cannot fight.”

That is some scary stuff from the 30-year old fighter. Unfortunately, there have been many fighters who have had to retire early due to concussions, including title contender T.J. Grant and Ultimate Fighter winner Chris Holdsworth.