UFC: Bea Malecki Is The Latest Fighter To Have A GoFundMe Pop Up

Bea Malecki
Bea Malecki Credit: Instagram/Bea Malecki

Another UFC fighter has had a GoFundMe created to support their mixed martial arts career.

It seems as if fighter pay is brought up after every event nowadays. Last weekend at UFC Vegas 34, Jared Cannioner said he was broke in his post-fight interview, which prompted the topic to be brought up yet again.

As it turns out, a fighter that was on the prelims, eight fights before Cannioner, is also reportedly broke. In the first round, Bea Malecki (4-1) was knocked out by Josiane Nunes, suffering her first loss as a pro.

Three days after the fight, the Swedish fighter posted on her Instagram, “Plz tell me that becoming 30, being broke and getting knocked out is the new sexy???? 😂😂😂
Anyways lol, home sweet home🙏🏼❤️🇸🇪.”

Around the same time as her Instagram post, a GoFundMe popped up, with the simple title ‘Support Bea.’ The GoFundMe is now linked in her Instagram bio.

The description of the post reads:

“Hey all!

Whoever that wants to support my journey I’m grateful for anything. Thank u”

Malecki is asking for 100,000 Krona, which is Swedish currency. It converts to $11,567.75 in USD, according to Google Finance.

This isn’t the first time that an MMA fighter has asked for help via GoFundMe, and it most certainly won’t be the last. Last month, UFC bantamweight Sarah Alpar made headlines when she created one. Alpar had her goal met when Jake Paul and Triller Fight Club donated to it. Paul in particular would take multiple shots at the UFC and its President, Dana White, over fighter pay. Earlier this year, another Ultimate Fighting Championship athlete, Cheyanne Buys, also announced she had been broke until winning a Performance bonus in her last outing.

Infamously, Paige VanZant previously stated that she made more money posting photos Instagram than she did fighting in the octagon. VanZant, once a promotional darling, recently left the UFC in favor of a bigger payday with BKFC.