UFC 271: Kyler Phillips Will Show ‘Matrix 2.0’ vs Rojo

Houston, TX – After taking some time off following a decision loss in July 2021, UFC bantamweight prospect Kyler Phillips has been staying busy preparing for his return to the octagon.

“I’ve been just getting better. That was perfect opportunity to grow, get more focused, and I’m really glad it happened. You’re going to see a different ‘Matrix’, 2.0,” Phillips said at UFC 271 media day on Wednesday.

Phillips (9-2) is coming off a majority decision loss to Raulian Paiva, but took the loss in a positive manner.

“I have no resentment for anything. I’m here right now. Like, I’m literally here right here, I’m able to do this as my job. I love this I’ve been working my whole life to do this. There’s no resentment I’m just grateful to be able to do this. You guys are going to see that this is what I’m made for and this is what I like to do. This is a fight.”

Phillips opponent at UFC 271 is Marcelo Rojo (16-7) who is coming off a loss himself in March 2021.

“He’s another dude in the way that is willing to fight,” Phillips said. “Tough dude. He’s got some skills also has got some weaknesses. We’re going to expose those.”

Phillips has adopted a present mindset where he doesn’t worry about anything outside the moment he is currently in.

“It’s just being aware of every moment. We all have that. We can choose to make any type of situation work for us or work against us whether that’s thoughts, whether that’s physical, on the outside. But on the inside we’re being renewed every single day. We keep growing that factor, that muscle faith in your mind. You start to build and over time…what’s next? Whatever comes after me. I want to just make the best out of it. What can we make the best out of this moment and that’s just by being here, not about the past. The past is the past, not being apprehensive of the future but just being right here. Being able to enjoy and take in what is rightfully ours.”

Watch the full UFC 271 media day press scrum with Kyler Phillips above. More coverage from the event can be found below.