Kyler Phillips Says The MMA Lab Will Clear Out All Divisions

Miami, FL – UFC bantamweight Kyler Phillips comes from a gym stacked with high-level 135ers and he sees them taking over the division in the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

“Honestly there’s so many people here at the (MMA) Lab and we’re training. Man I met Sean (O’Malley) when I was 18-years-old,” Phillips told Cageside Press among other reporters at his post-fight UFC 299 scrum on Saturday night.

“Sean, Mario Bautista, Marcus (McGhee). There’s so many dudes coming up. We fight and train each other and train with each other every day. We’re making money and stuff. There’s just too many of us. I think we’re going to clear out all the divisions us at the Lab.”

Another win under his belt Phillips will look for the next matchup pretty quickly. It may even be someone on UFC 299.

“Soon. Right away I’m going to go check out some names, but the UFC does a great job, specially with my style of fighting. The way I fight in the octagon it’s the direct representation of who I am and my character and many different realms of mentality I have,” he said.

“Match me up against somebody and for them to have any banger fight. It’s going to be also exciting to see some of these fights in the bantamweight division tonight. I’m stoked to watch that.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Kyler Phillips above.