UFC Vegas 47: Steven Peterson Says Julian Erosa Is Going To Sleep


After just a single fight in 2021, Steven Peterson plans to stay busy in 2022, which means first putting Julian Erosa to sleep at UFC Vegas 47 this Saturday.

The way that Peterson and Erosa wound up booked was entertaining to watch. Erosa said in many interviews that “Ocho” ignored him on Instagram, and then when he finally had the chance, he called him out in a post-fight interview. Peterson accepted the fight a few weeks later; however, Peterson said he didn’t ignore him on social media.

“So, he had essentially slipped into my message requests. I believe it was after I beat Chase [Hooper], and I had called out Nate Landwehr because I don’t like the character, I don’t like the person he portrays, he seems ignorant, and I called him out for that reason specifically. I guess Julian Erosa thought since I called out Landwehr and he had beat Landwehr that we should fight,” Peterson told Cageside Press. “But he had slipped into my message requests, and I don’t read all of my message requests, especially right after a fight.”

“On February 5th, Julian Erosa is going to sleep.” – Steven Peterson gives his prediction for UFC Vegas 47.

“He was tripping to think he was going to get noticed but who the f*ck is this guy? I had never heard of him up until I saw him commenting on my posts. I had got my car painted a pretty dope matte black and then commented, ‘fight me,’ and I was like what the fu*k? Who is this guy? I posted on my Instagram later that week, and he had commented again. So, I finally went through my message requests, and I had realized he had tried to fight me for a while. This guy is trying to hype a fight on Instagram. Go talk to the boss if you want to fight me, right? I’m not one to get into this petty Instagram online sh*t-talking bullshit, so I just kept my mouth shut.”

Erosa won his next fight, and that was enough for Peterson to go to his coach and get the fight made. On paper, this should be Fight of the Night, and Peterson knows it. Yet while he recognizes it’s a strong candidate to be Fight of the Night, he’s trying to get a Performance of the Night bonus by putting his opponent to sleep.

“I think we are two of the most experienced fighters on the card, with him being 26-9 and me being 19-9. That’s just about 60 professional fights. That is a lot of fights, and we put on a show, expect a banger,” Peterson said. “Julian Erosa is going to sleep one way or another.”

“On February 5th, Julian Erosa is going to sleep.”

Watch the rest of our interview with Peterson, where he talks about his tattoos, nickname origin, 2022 plans, and more. Steven Peterson vs. Julian Erosa goes down this Saturday at UFC Vegas 47.


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