Oban Elliot Says He Is “Box Office,” Will Add Another Name To Highlight Reel At Cage Warriors 131

The Welsh have been slowly invading mixed martial arts, and Oban Elliot is another name to be on the lookout for.

Elliot (4-1) returns to action for the second time in 2021 this Friday at Cage Warriors 131. He fights out of Shore Mixed Martial Arts, the same gym that produced undefeated top prospect Jack “Tank” Shore. Elliot fights his toughest opponent yet, Madars Fleminas (8-3).

The Welsh fighter has never been to the judge’s scores in his career, including his seven amateur fights. He finishes fights and holds a 100% finish rate; while he wouldn’t give a prediction for the fight, he did say he will have another clip for his highlight reel.

“He’s a great opponent. I’ve said this; he’s a family man which I respect a lot and he is very experienced. He is a formidable opponent; that’s how I would describe him. It is going to be a great test for me and my skills,” Elliot told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview. “It’s a big big fight for me. Everyone is excited about it. I’ve got people in America following me now, which is crazy. It means the world to me. It’s a big fight, and I feel like everything is coming into place for me. I will go out and execute and do what I do best.”

“I’ll go to the toolbox when I need to and deal with him… What I can give you is, it will be one more for the win column, one more for the highlight reel, and one more for the gangster.”

You might have heard that quote before. It is from UFC legend Chael Sonnen, someone that is familiar with Elliot.

Elliot wants to be the Welsh gangster, paying homage to Sonnen.

Some fighters come into the game and conquer the microphone. Elliot is one of them. The fighter from Wales can cut a promo like the best of them.

He sees himself as ‘box office’ and compared himself to a Quentin Tarantino movie.

“I think I’m box office. How’s that sound? If you haven’t watched me, I’m box office. If you tune in, you’ll get a Quentin Tarantino film. You might tune into a fight, and it’ll be a little bit lull, and you think ‘what the f*ck,’ but then you’ll get guns and bullets. Box office is what I call it, and you’re in for a treat on Friday,” Elliot said.

Watch the rest of the interview with Elliot above. Oban Elliot fights Madars Fleminas at Cage Warriors 131 on December 10, streamed exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.