Ed Soares Says Anderson Silva Could KO Both Paul Brothers in a Single Night

Ed Soares heads up Legacy Fighting Alliance, which saw its most recent show, LFA 118, go down Friday in Burbank, CA.

In addition to heading up one of the largest “regional” promotions in the U.S., Soares is also well known for his connection to UFC legend Anderson Silva. Soares managed “The Spider” during his heyday, and like the rest of us, has enjoyed his late-career resurgence after a move from the cage to the boxing ring.

“It’s been a dream come true,” Soares told Cageside Press following Friday’s LFA 118 card when asked about Silva’s foray into the sweet science. “He’s gotten everything he deserves, he’s one of the greatest combat athletes of all time, and I’m glad to see what he’s been doing.”

Of course, Silva’s success as a boxer has brought about calls for him to face off with one of the Paul brothers, either Logan or Jake. Asked if Silva might be the man to halt the Youtubers’ progress in the sport, Soares replied saying “that’s not even a question. Anderson would knock both of those guys out in one night.”

As for LFA, Friday’s show didn’t quite go down without a hitch, mainly because the athletic commission would not sanction the planned main event — a strawweight title fight between Loveth Young and Jaqueline Amorim.

“We tried to do everything we could to get it done. Hopefully within the next week we’ll get it all dialed in, and we’ll see that fight soon,” Soares said of the wayward title fight.

Speaking on LFA as a whole over the course of the pandemic, “things have been great,” said Soares. “COVID didn’t stop us, and I don’t think anything will. We’ve just got to keep being busy, keep putting on great shows and putting on great events.”

Watch our full interview with Ed Soares following LFA 118 above. More coverage from the event can be found below.