UFC 268: Ode Osbourne’s Time Away From Family Pays Off

New York, NY — UFC flyweight Ode Osbourne won a decision over CJ Vergara at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. Afterwards, all Osbourne could talk about was his kids.

“Leave my kids in school in Milwaukee, and move all the way out here in Vegas to… I had no idea how it was going to turn out. But I knew after my last fight, after everything I did in my life I had nothing to show the kids for all the sacrifices I ever made to get to the UFC. At the end of the day I had nothing to show,” Osbourne said backstage at New York’s MSG.

“I was just like, ‘Man I can’t,  I need to be able to make it so I can present something so that they can look on the tv and see that I did everything for them. To sum all that up like I said it’s just emotional a little bit. It’s a little emotional for me because I miss them a lot, you know?”

Osbourne clearly has perspective and it showed speaking on the win.

“It’s not even about the win man, forget the win, the wins don’t mean nothing without…..I’m sorry, the win means a lot but it’s the meaning behind the win. It’s not about the money and the fame and stuff like that. It’s really it’s something to present for the kids I work for, not just those kids, but all the kids all over the world.”

Osbourne has had a busy few months but with a few more cards remaining in 2021 will the flyweight consider taking one more bout?

“I fought two times now in the past two months, or three months. I really don’t know. Me and John are gonna go to the drawing board and see if they, whatever happens happens. I’m going to put that in God’s hands you know?”

Regardless on what Osbourne does the rest of 2021, he’s fully focused on why he does what he does.

Watch the entire UFC 268 post-fight media scrum with Ode Osbourne above. More coverage of the event can be found below.