PFL Championship 2021: Taylor Guardado “Weirdly Calm” Ahead of Harrison Fight

Fort Lauderdale, FL — According to Taylor Guardado, she’s calm and ready to go ahead of her women’s lightweight final against Kayla Harrison at the PFL 2021 World Championship card this Wednesday.

“I’m really weirdly calm going into this one. I was more nervous my last one, just like with my own family circumstances that were going on and everything,” Guardado (3-1) told reporters including Cageside Press at a media day Monday to promote the championship final. “This one, I feel extremely prepared and just ready to go at this point. Just calm and ready.”

Guardado has become used to the media attention that comes with being both a PFL finalist, and the latest opponent of undefeated women’s lightweight juggernaut Kayla Harrison. Although she could do without some of the repetitive questions.

The biggest offender, according to Guardado?

“How do you plan to stop a takedown? With my arms? Really good wrestling?”

Earlier this year, Harrison refereed to Guardado as “the little engine that could,” which Guardado was reminded of by a reporter on Monday. She’s not taking the comment too seriously, however, seeing it as more of a “playful dig more than anything. She’s a really good talker, we all know she’s a really good talker. I think she didn’t mean it to get under my skin, honestly. But it was kind of like ‘okay, I know how that story ends, the engine did.’ So I wanna do it.”

Guardado’s mother has been battling cancer, something that has put fighting in a cage in perspective. “This is nothing. There’s tons of people fighting for their live literally every day,” Guardado observed. “When it comes down to this, this is just 25 minutes of my life, and it’s just a hard push, and then I can go back to being a normal person after this, hang out with my family while my mom has to stay at a hospital. So I’m lucky.”

Watch the full PFL 2021 World Championship media day appearance from Taylor Guardado Taylor Guardado above. More coverage can be found below. The event takes place this Wednesday, October 27, 2021, in Hollywood, FL.