Trick or Beats: MMA Fighters Celebrate Halloween 2022

Austin Vanderford and Paige VanZant, Valerie Loureda dressed up for Halloween 2022
Austin Vanderford and Paige VanZant, Valerie Loureda Credit: Instagram / Twitter

Halloween is upon us once again, and the 2022 edition of the Holiday is the first time, for many, where a “true” Halloween can take place. One free of social distancing and stay at home orders necessitated by the years-long coronavirus pandemic.

That in and of itself is reason to celebrate. And of course, in MMA land, there’s bound to be some interesting costumes, given the sport attracts more than its share of colorful characters. 2022 is no exception on that front. So let’s get right to it — here are some of the best Halloween costumes from MMA fighters in 2022!

Casey O’Neill

UFC flyweight Casey O’Neill went to a video game classic — or action movie classic, if you prefer. It’s Lara Croft, and she pulls off the Angelina Jolie look pretty darn well if you ask us.

Taylor Guardado

PFL vet Taylor Guardado went the Teen Titans route, dressing up as Raven. A less common pick, so points for originality on that front.

Mike Davis

Some things, you just can’t unsee…

Pearl Gonzalez

Pearl Gonzalez, meanwhile, recreated Salma Hayek’s distinctive look from 90s Robert Rodriguez classic From Dusk Till Dawn. With a full video preview.


The UFC itself chose to celebrate by promoting their five “freakiest” fights in MMA history (at least from their own video archives anyway). Not surprisingly, four of the five fights they single out come from Japan’s PRIDE.

Kay Hansen

Former UFC fighter and current Invicta FC roster member Kay Hansen turned heads again this year.

Paige VanZant/Austin Vanderford

Paige VanZant and hubby Austin Vanderford went with a couples theme this year. Although usually, the cuffs go on the prisoner.

Fans Dress Up As Mike Beltran

Before you say “But Mike Beltran’s a ref, not a fighter,” well, he did box back in the day, including in the Marine Corps., and trains in BJJ as well. So, close enough, and it’s pretty cool to see fans dressing up as one of MMA’s most prominent referees.

Miesha Tate

Not sure if she’ll be in the new Super Mario Bros. movie, but Miesha Tate offers an interesting take on Luigi. Hey, no reason there can’t be some Super Mario sisters.

Conor McGregor

The biggest name in the sport looks ready to take flight.

Max Holloway

Max went with an anime theme this year.

Valerie Loureda

Former Bellator fighter turned WWE star Valerie Loureda broke out the Lola Bunny outfit this year. For those who were unhappy that the Space Jam sequel toned down Lola, well, here you go.

Derek Brunson

Disclaimer: Cageside Press shall not be held responsible should this turn out to be out-of-stock or not be a real costume in the first place.

Chris Wade

This makes it nearly impossible not to sing the Spider-Man theme song in your head.

Gillian Robertson

Yes, we already shared Brunson’s take on this meme, but “Throat to Cuddle” is just too good.

Stephen Thompson

Wonderboy summons Beetlebas? Ruttenjuice? Beetlerutten?

Megan Anderson

Former Invicta FC champ and UFC title challenger Megan Anderson is slaying it.

Phil Rowe

UFC welterweight Phil Rowe getting into the spirit. As for his inspiration, well, his nickname is “The Fresh Prince.”