DWCS 2021 Week 5 Breakdown and Predictions

Rivan Kuniev Credit: Tapology

Heavyweight: Rizvan Kuniev Vs. Edivan Santos

Tale of the Tape

Rizvan Kuniev
Dagestan, Russia
Gorets FT
Hasn’t lost in six years
Edivan Santos
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
Espaço Religião da Luta
12-1, 1 NC
100% finish-rate

Pros and Cons

Rizvan Kuniev


  • Heavy leg kicks
  • Good endurance
  • Good head movement
  • Utilizes feints
  • Diverse kickboxing
  • Solid TDD
  • Good jab


  • Low output
  • Plodding footwork

Edivan Santos


  • Heavy hands
  • Good kicks
  • Athletic
  • Heavy ground and pound
  • Submission threat
  • Volume striker
  • Fights long well
  • Fast starter


  • Can be sloppy
  • Questionable gas tank
  • Questionable TDD
  • Pressed backwards to easy

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Kuniev
Speed: Santos
Output/Volume: Santos
Knockout Power: Santos
Chin: Even
Kickboxing: Kuniev
Footwork: Santos
Wrestling: Even
Grappling: Santos
Submissions: Santos
Cardio: Kuniev


Kuniev is a unique heavyweight that brings a different style with his diverse abilities. That said, he can be frustrating to watch since he can be too gun shy, not throwing nearly enough. Santos on the other hand isn’t gun shy at all. He gets right after it, but can be too willing to throw. In other words, the exact opposite problem. That’s why Santos can look a little sloppy and why his cardio is a concern.

Santos has fought awful competition as his last six opponents had a combined 3-43 record. Kuniev has fought better competition and has an extensive wushu sanda background. His low output and flat movement are going to hold him back, especially against more explosive guys. I’m not sure if Santos is the guy but I’m calling upset here. I’m predicting Santos to put Kuniev out early. If he doesn’t in the first five minutes he could be in trouble though.


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