Before They Are Relevant: Caolan Loughran

Caolan Loughran
Caolan Loughran Credit: Tapology

Ireland’s Caolan Loughran (3-0) is an undefeated bantamweight prospect with a flawless 100% finishing rate. A product out of Team Kaobon Liverpool, Loughran trains with the likes of the UFC’s Tom Aspinall, Mike Grundy, and Darren Till.

Loughran grew up in Tyrone, Ireland. Although he would move later in life, Loughran started his journey in combat sports while residing in Tyrone. He trained boxing in the winter between football (soccer) seasons when he was around 10 or 11-years-old. Loughran also dabbled in some Gaelic Football, an Irish team sport with roots dating back to the late 1800s. He played until the age of 16, but, afflicted with continuous bad injuries, Loughran grew tired of the constant rehabbing.

In Ireland, there are two promotional titles young fighters aspire to capture. In the North, it’s the Clan Wars title, and in the South, it’s the Cage Legacy title. The Irishman had won both titles, winning both in the span of just a month. His last amateur fight was for Almighty Fighting Championship and, as one might expect, Loughran won its title, as well. The Almighty FC title win marked Loughran’s third amateur championship.

From 2017, when Loughran first stepped into the cage, he was an exceptional fighter and now in 2021, he’s an excellent fighter. Some things noticable early in his career is that he kept his hands low, and his takedown defense was just adequate. Since his loss to Nathan Fletcher in 2018, his takedown defense has improved dramatically. If you watch Loughran today, his stance and hands favorably resemble Darren Till, who he trains with.

Ireland’s Loughran has only shown glimpses of his capability on the feet. What he has displayed in brief flashes is his quick feet and light footwork. His movement to attack and retreat and move laterally is very smooth and nimble. Fighting with his lead right hand forward, his left, that he throws straight down the pipe, is a piston of a weapon. Loughran also likes to mix it up with his legs throwing a lot of kicks. The speed in his hands and hips alone make him a dangerous guy on the feet.

Wrestling is where Loughran transcends. It’s at best when he’s mixing in his wrestling and striking. His timing on his level changes is usually spot on. If he can’t get the takedown right away he does a good job driving in on the legs and hips to work guys to the mat. Credit his vision, size, and speed for the reason his wrestling is so valuable. His defensive wrestling rates pretty high as well. Loughran’s improved takedown defense plays a huge factor in his ability to defend and takedown and land on top.

Even when Loughran winds up on his back he is never content on staying there. Loughran is always moving and looking to explode. Being physically strong he’s been able to just reverse and sit up to get top position. All in all, he can scramble his ass off. While on top his control is usually lockdown. Never stagnant in a position Loughran quickly moves from full guard to half guard to mount to taking the back. It’s inevitable when Loughnane gets the takedown he will get into a dominant position.

Cage Warriors should really sign Caolan Loughran because the skill level is there, and has the swagger and personality to draw fans’ attention. For now, Loughran returns this weekend at Levels Fight League 2.


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