Caolan Loughran Lays Beatdown on Angel Pacheco to Kick Off UFC Atlantic City

Angel Pacheco and Caolan Loughran, UFC Atlantic City
Angel Pacheco and Caolan Loughran, UFC Atlantic City ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Jake Noecker/Cageside Press

Contender Series vet Angel Pacheco might have lost on the show, but he still wound up signed on with the UFC, making his debut against Caolan Loughran at UFC Atlantic City on Saturday.

That made Pacheco the rare UFC fighter debuting off a loss, while Loughran looked to bounce back from a loss to Taylor Lapilus in his own promotional debut.

When the fight started Loughran started first with a big right cross. Pacheco was just feeling out Loughran with a the jab and Loughran wasn’t moving his head. It was a slow start from both guys as they where trying to find their range. Pacheco did land a few outside leg kicks; Loughran responded with a right hand that landed clean. More jabs and leg kicks from Pacheco. As he was getting comfortable Loughran rocked his opponent with a right hand. Pacheco failed to land with any conviction. With not much longer in the round Pacheco was able to land some good punches and busted the nose of Loughran.

In round two, Pacheco landed a clean right that had Loughran firing back. Usually the wrestler, Loughtan was comfortable in striking. Right after saying that Loughran shot in and completed a takedown and right onto the back. Loughran while on the back landed a lot of unanswered right hands to the side of the head. Pacheco was able to adjust but Loughran was still on the back with the body triangle. Pacheco got to his knees but the control of Loughran was too strong. Actively Loughran rained down ground and pound until Pacheco was able to get his back on the mat. Pacheco scrambled back up to his feet with not much time to go and didn’t get anything off.

In the final round, it was very likely that Pacheco needed a finish. Loughran opened up with a combo and a leg kick that buckled Pacheco. Another leg kick came from Loughran and Pacheco was in some trouble. A nice body-head combination from Loughran and then into a takedown. Pacheco was able to defend the takedown but Loughran was putting hands on him. Another leg kick buckled Pacheco but was showing his toughness. Mixing it up Loughran got a takedown and held position for a bit until Pacheco got back up. Another leg kick visibly hurt Pacheco and more bodywork followed from Loughran. Loughran was really lacking the power but mixing it up he continued to do very well. Pacheco in need of a finish pressed forward with under a minute left but got taken down coming in. He got back to his feet but took a few good shots to end the fight.

No surprises on the scorecards with Caolan Loughran picking up his first UFC win.

Official Result: Caolan Loughran def. Angel Pacheco by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)