KSW 52: Szymon Kolecki Makes Short Work of Bodybuilder Akop Szostak

Szymon Kolecki KSW 62
Szymon Kolecki, KSW 47 Credit: KSW

In the end, what looked like a mismatch on paper played out like one in the cage at KSW 62.

The Polish promotion’s latest main event boasted Olympic gold medal winner Szymon Kolecki versus bodybuilder Akop Szostak, whose status as a headliner was questionable. Kolecki, who took home the silver medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia in weightlifting and later gold in 2008 in Beijing, entered the bout on a three-fight win streak.

Szostak, who could politely be called a regional level fighter, entered off a lone win outside KSW, after posting a 0-1, 1NC record on Poland’s biggest stage.

It didn’t take long for things to go south for Szostak on Saturday. Under a minute into the contest, and Szostak found himself flat on his back, victim of a Kolecki knockout.

The fight was a brawl from the outset, with Szostak circling on the outside. While he was able to get in a little bit of offense, it was Kolecki leading the dance. He peppered his opponent with lefts, rights, and uppercuts. Really it was just a matter of time before something landed, and land it did.

Improving to 4-0 in the light heavyweight contest, Kolecki should be primed for another headlining fight moving forward — and hopefully against some tougher competition.

Earlier in the night at KSW 62 in Warsaw, Poland, Andrzej Grzebyk got his revenge on Marius Žaromskis. After breaking his leg in the pair’s first meeting, Grzebyk scored a first round knockout of his own in a triumphant return to the KSW cage.

In total, all but two fights ended early on Saturday.


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