MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from June

Kayla Harrison Invicta FC 43
Kayla Harrison Credit: Dave Mandel/Invicta FC

Lightweight, Kayla Harrison (10-0)

Kayla Harrison does it yet again with another dominant showing. Her opponent was an experienced fighter in Cindy Dandois but it didn’t matter. She got the fight down early and moved into side control landed a barrage of punches. Harrison got into mount and switched to an armbar for the submission win. Harrison is just on another level.
Grade: A

Heavyweight, Renan Ferreira (7-2)

Ferreira dominated his opponent and somehow that guy survived to the scorecards. Round one, Ferreira got the takedown early and stayed there. He had heavy positioning and kept active with good ground and pound. In round two, he clipped his opponent early with a left hand. Ferreira did have a tight arm-triangle at one point but couldn’t finish. Round three, Ferreira was actually lifted and put down on his back. He was never in any danger as his opponent just held on to him. Ferreira was still kept on his back for minutes which was a bad way to end it for him.
Grade: C-

Heavyweight, Bruno Henrique Cappelozza (12-5)

Cappelozza didn’t just beat Mo DeReese he brutalized Mo DeReese. Cappelozza to start the fight landed a bunch of hard leg kicks. DeReese tried to take down Cappelozza but Cappelozza got to the back and just threw him down. Cappelozza continued with heavy leg kicks and sticking with the one-two. With blood in the water Cappelozza unloaded with a series of punches. A right hand came through putting Cappelozza to sleep, and a head kick followed on the way down. Brutal finish from the Brazilian and such a savage performance.
Grade: A+

Featherweight, William Gomis (7-2)

Tobias Harila is a tough dude and a prospect I’ve had my eyes on. Gomis was basically unknown coming into this fight but no more, with a dominant win over Harila. Even though Gomis fought off his back foot the entire fight he still won. Gomis was landing on Harila as he was coming forward. The Frenchman threw a lot of volume using that sneaky uppercut and a liver kick he connected with a lot. He won off of volume and mixed in a few good brief takedowns.
Grade: B

Welterweight, Ian Garry (7-0)

This was the first time Garry went five rounds and he looked great. Beating a guy like Jack Grant comfortably is no joke either. Grant kept pressuring Garry but the movement and head movement of Garry was excellent. Garry’s left jab was the story of this fight and it created the opening for the right straight. Grant kept trying to take Garry down and even jumped guard. Garry defended every takedown and won every grappling exchange. Garry himself had a few takedowns himself. He threw that jab while landing a lot of leg kicks and going up top frequently. Garry did all this to become the new Cage Warriors champion and possibly a soon-to-be UFC fighter.
Grade: A+

Featherweight, Artem Semyonov (7-3)

Semyonov started loosely throwing a lot of kicks to the legs and head. He threw a switch knee that missed but closed the distance. He wrapped up a standing guillotine and jumped guard. As his opponent fell to the mat he went to sleep. Semyonov has now won his last three fights.
Grade: C


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