Tom Lawlor Feels Jordan Young Has “Delusions of Grandeur” About PFL 5 Fight Outcome


Ahead of PFL 5, Jordan Young told media outlets that he and opponent Tom Lawlor were not on the same level.

To some extent, Lawlor agrees. “We’re not on the same level. He’s like way taller than me. So if you factor that in, I guess he’s right,” Lawlor quipped during his own PFL 5 media day session this week.

On a more serious note, “Filthy” added that “I don’t give a sh*t what he thinks, honestly. He can think whatever he wants. I’ve fought plenty of guys that are as good or tougher than Jordan Young. I’m not scared of anything he brings to the table.” In fact, Lawlor went on to add that one of his motivating factors heading into the fight was the freakshow nature of it. Calling the bout “the closest you’re gonna get to a freakshow fight in the PFL light heavyweight division,” he pointed out that “you’ve got the tallest guy, arguably the biggest guy — I mean, Marthin Hamlet is pretty damn jacked — but Jordan Young’s pretty tall, and I’m the smallest guy.”

Lawlor, a longtime veteran of the sport who has also found a home in pro wrestling, added that Young “can think whatever he wants, but it’s a fight. I’m sure he has some delusions of grandeur of how this is gonna go, but everybody knows that life doesn’t work out the way you want it to, and he’ll find that out in the fight.”

Watch the full PFL 5 media scrum with Tom Lawlor above. The event takes place Thursday, June 17 in Atlantic City, NJ, airing live on ESPN+ and ESPN 2 (TSN in Canada).


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