UFC 263 Results: Steven Peterson Dominates Chase Hooper

Chase Hooper and Steven Peterson, UFC 263
Chase Hooper and Steven Peterson, UFC 263 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

Steven Peterson would stop the Chase Hooper hype train at UFC 263, defeating the latter fighter by unanimous decision.

Featherweight action on the UFC 263 card in Glendale, AZ on Saturday saw young star Chase Hooper up against the always game Steven Peterson.

The storyline ahead of this one: Peterson had missed weight by 2.5lbs for the featherweight bout. He was looking for a second straight win, as was Hooper. The difference being, Hooper was coming off a Comeback of the Year-nominated effort against “Slippery” Peter Barrett, a fight in which his striking had been harshly criticized by the UFC broadcast team.

What sort of improvements Hooper had made since was the question heading into his scrap with “Ocho?” Some, at least, were clearly evident. It just wasn’t enough.

Hooper seemed more confident on the feet early in this fight compared to his previous fights, however he almost immediately ate a strong overhand right. Hooper shot for a takedown but wound up reversed, and Peterson ended up in side control. From there, he landed a few massive elbows before standing up. However, Hooper once again shot for a takedown and while he didn’t get it, he got a hold of Peterson and did his best to grapple for a better position; eventually, the two separated and go back to striking. Hooper landed a nice 1-2, before getting his first takedown of the fight. Hooper spent the rest of the round looking for a heel hook but wasn’t able to get it.

Hooper opened up the second round with a head kick attempt, followed up with a takedown attempt that was stuffed. The two wrestled for position in the clinch before a brief guillotine attempt by Peterson that was stuffed. Hooper then promptly pulled guard. Peterson did a good job from the top, dropping hammerfists and avoiding arm-bar attempts from the bottom by Hooper. Peterson ended the round on top, landing hard shots from half-guard.

Peterson came out with a fake glove touch to start the third, throwing a hard right hand followed by a body kick. Hooper then landed a combination before shooting for a takedown that was stuffed. Hooper would pull guard, and Peterson would wind up on top and land some nice shots before going for an arm-triangle attempt but Hooper scrambled out and got the back of Peterson. Hooper got close to getting a rear-naked-choke attempt in but would run out of time. That was the story of the night: Hooper just couldn’t land any of his many submission attempts, and Peterson dominated in all other facets of the fight.

Official Result: Steven Peterson def. Chase Hooper by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)