UFC Vegas 25: TJ Brown Proud, Not Pleased with Kamaka’s Corner


TJ Brown did more than impress in his 3rd UFC appareance, all but securing the Fight of the Night (FOTN) honors with Kai Kamaka. Brown wound up victorious in a vicious exchange between the two prospects, taking the split decision home, his first career UFC win.

“Let’s be honest, it was a very close fight,” Brown began. “What I did know for sure? I fought my heart out, gave it everything I had. To say I knew I had it in the bag, would be a lie. I think it could have gone either way, I say now, watching the film afterwards, I believe I won,” Brown continued. “In that moment I thought it could be a toss up for sure, in that moment.”

Fans online had felt that Kamaka may have done enough for the victory, that being said the fight was razor close and nothing should be taken away from Brown’s performance. Eric Nicksick, Kamaka and other teammates took to twitter to share their thoughts on the, what they believed, robbery.

“I try to look at it from their perspective, I get it,” Brown told Cageside Press. “If I was in their shoes, I see why they can be upset. Instead of complaining about the judges, what could Kai have done more? Why couldn’t Kai have got the finish? They are looking at it wrong.”

Brown continued, speaking about the Kamaka coaching staff,

“I was a bit upset in the sportsmanship of his coach,” Brown tols Cageside Press. “After the fight, I’m taught, win or lose you walk over there and give your opponent a handshake, handshake the coaches. His coach just ran off yelling, that doesn’t set a good example,” Brown continued. “Kai on the other hand, he was very respectful, we talked.”

Catch the full interview with UFC’s TJ Brown.


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