UFC Vegas 25 Results: TJ Brown Gets First UFC Win Over Kai Kamaka

TJ Brown, UFC 252 weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

TJ Brown won a hard-fought decision over Kai Kamaka to get his first win in the Octagon at UFC Vegas 25.

After getting his UFC contract on season three of Dana White’s Contender Series, TJ Brown has gone 0-2 in the UFC. Most likely fighting for his job at UFC Vegas 25, Brown will come out swinging against Kai Kamaka.

Kai Kamaka had a tremendous UFC debut against Tony Kelley at UFC 260 last year. The pair won Fight of the Night honors, deservedly so. In his second fight, he ran into Jonathan Pearce and lost via TKO.

Both fighters take the center, and Brown fired off a quick jab. Kamaka answered back with a hard right hand that lands clean. Brown landed a low kick and a front kick. Brown landed a heavy body kick with three minutes left. Kamaka threw a high kick, but Brown blocked it. Brown landed a nice 1-2 that backed Kamaka up. Brown threw a high kick, but Kamaka blocked it and threw him to the ground. Kamaka followed him to the ground, and Brown grabbed a leg. Brown got back to his with 1:30 left. Kamaka landed two counter lefts within 10 seconds. 45 seconds left, and Kamaka landed a nice low kick. Brown landed a beautiful body shot with eight seconds left. Entertaining round.

To start the second round, both fighters took the center immediately. Kamaka landed a hard calf kick that but Brown. Kamaka landed a head kick and a nasty 1-2 hook combo. Brown landed a straight right that hurt Kamaka and started unloading punches. Kamaka survived and landed a punch of his own that hurt Brown and dropped him. Kamaka followed him to the ground and got into top position. Kamaka’s coach told him to let him up, but he didn’t listen. Brown grabbed a kimura that looked very tight, but Kamaka survived and let Brown up. Brown threw a lazy head kick, and Kamaka marched forward. Brown landed some nice jabs. Brown shot for a takedown and landed it. Kamaka grabbed a guillotine but let it go to end the round.

Both fighters meet in the center yet again to start the third round. Brown landed a calf kick, and Kamka threw a hook. Brown shot for a takedown, but Kamaka reversed it and landed on top. Kamaka landed a little bit of ground and pound but is maintaining control. Brown tried for an omoplata, but Kamaka survived. Brown got to his feet with 2:45 left. Both fighters are just throwing jabs. Kamaka landed a takedown with two minutes left and had Brown flattened out. Brown used the fence to get up, but Kamaka dumped him again. Brown is back to his feet with a minute left, and both fighters exchanged hooks. Brown dropped Kamaka and went for an ankle lock, but Kamaka reversed him. Brown tried for a last-minute kimura but to no success. What a fight.

TJ Brown def. Kai Kamaka by Split Decision (29-28 x2, 27-30)


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