PFL 2: Ray Cooper III Doesn’t Care That Rory MacDonald Is Favorite To Win Tournament


The 2019 PFL welterweight tournament champion Ray Cooper III returns to action this Thursday to embark on a journey to becoming a two-time champion. He faces Jason Ponet (20-12-1), a PFL newcomer who is on a three-fight win streak.

Cooper (20-7-1) holds an impressive 100% finish rate in his 20 wins, something that can be quite rare. He plans on continuing his perfect finish rate come Thursday at PFL 2.

“I go in there to finish every time,” Cooper said during PFL 2 media day on Monday. “I don’t go out there to win a decision. I go out there to finish guys any way I can.”

During the off-season, one of the biggest signings was former Bellator welterweight champion and two-time UFC welterweight title challenger Rory MacDonald. MacDonald joins Cooper in the welterweight tournament and emerged as the favorite for many fans and media members.

The Hawaiian was asked if he felt slighted.

“Yeah, a little bit, but I really don’t care,” Cooper said. “You guys all saw what happened to [Anthony] Pettis.” Pettis, another big free agent signing, came up short against Clay Collard last week, at PFL 1. “I don’t think his signing matters. I’m the main event, I’m the one in the division that brings the fans in, that everyone wants to watch. So, I ain’t really worried about him, and yeah.”

There is little doubt that Cooper III vs. MacDonald would be one of the best welterweight fights that PFL has ever put on. First, however, they both must get by their opponents this week.

Watch the full PFL 2 2021 media day interview with Ray Cooper III above. The event takes place this Thursday, April 29, airing live on ESPN 2/ESPN+.


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