KSW 59 Weigh-in Results: Bombardier a Whopping 333lbs for Main Event

Bombardier Credit: Instagram @bombardier_officiel

When “Bombardier” (Serigne Ousmane Dia) is referred to as massive, it’s for good reason. Ahead of his main event showdown with Polish strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 59 this Saturday, the Senegalese behemoth tipped the scales at a whopping 333lbs.

In comparison, “Pudzian” came in at a comparatively svelte 265lbs. Good thing the main event is a super heavyweight affair.

KSW 59 marks the return to action for Pudzianowski after over a year away from the cage. He’ll be looking to build off a win over Erko Jun is his last outing. At 44-years of age, Pudzianowski’s fighting days will soon be coming to an end, so he can be forgiven for taking fun, freakshow style fights like this one.

Two fighters missed weight for the KSW 59 card at Friday’s weigh-in. Krystian Kaszubowski missed the welterweight limit, while Łukasz Rajewski was heavy for his lightweight bout. Both men were fined a percentage of their fight purse.

KSW 59 takes place Saturday, March 20 in Lodz, Poland. The event streams live on KSW TV.

KSW59 Weigh-In Results

Super Heavyweight
Mariusz Pudzianowski (120.2kg/265lbs) vs. Bombardier (151.2kg/333lbs)

Bantamweight Title
Champion Antun Račić (61.1kg/135lbs) vs. Sebastian Przybysz (61.2kg/135lbs)

Damian Janikowski (84.4kg/186lbs) vs. Jason Radcliffe (84.3kg/186lbs)

Michał Włodarek (110.0kg/243lbs) vs. Darko Stošić (105.1kg/232lbs)

Krystian Kaszubowski (*79.3kg/175lbs) vs. Michał Pietrzak (77.2kg/170lbs)

Łukasz Rajewski (**71.8kg/158lbs) vs. Konrad Dyrschka (70.8kg/156lbs)

Adrian Bartosiński (77.6kg/171lbs) vs. Lionel Padilla (77.4kg/171lbs)

Sebastian Rajewski (70.8kg/156lbs) vs. Savo Lazić (70kg/154lbs)

Cyprian Wieczorek (65.4kg/144lbs) vs. Patryk Likus (66kg/146lbs)

*Kaszubowski fined 40%
** Rajewski fined 30%