Weekly MMA Prospect Report: Lots of Talent Around the Globe

Jack Cartwright
Jack Cartwright (left) Credit: Cage Warriors

Aside from the UFC, MMA action has come in fits and starts throughout 2021 thus far. But this week, there’s action all over the globe, from Canada to the U.K., Japan to Australia, Bahrain to Russia and more. With things ramping back up, let’s get to the prospects. This week, there’s a lot of them in action!

BRAVE CF 48 | Bahrain | Thursday

Middleweight, Nemanja Kovač (13-3)

Fighting out of Novi Sad, Serbia Kovac is someone that always brings it. After losing three consecutive fights in 2018 he’s now on a six-fight win streak. Kovac will constantly come forward landing some powerful hooks. He has heavy leg kicks that he uses to target the legs, body, and head. Kocac does a solid job attacking the body and just breaking guys down. Not sure if he’s high-level yet but is fun to watch. He fights Ahmad Labban (9-4).

Light heavyweight, Murtaza Talha Ali (2-0)

Only 2-0 as a pro, Ali is one of the highest level light heavyweight amateurs in a long time. Ali is a two-time IMMAF world champion which is the biggest accomplishment out there as an amateur. Ali is a good striker and is an excellent wrestler. He’s had no issue closing the distance and powering guys to the mat. Ali has solid ground and pound and can grab the neck at any time. Ali has the blueprint to be the next big thing at light-heavyweight and I think he will. He fights Cameron Meintjies (6-1).

Cage Warriors 120 | UK | Friday

Featherweight, James Hendin (5-0)

Hendin is a super impressive young man out of England. Hendin is a wrestler who will grind out hard-fought decision wins. He’s always in your face throwing low calf kicks, short powerful punches, and pressing opponents against the cage. Hendin has good wrestling especially with a beautiful hip-toss he’s hit many times in his career. Hendin doesn’t have any submissions but has smothering active ground and pound. Hendin has pressure, technique, and a deep gas tank. He fights Paul Hughes (6-1) which is an awesome fight.

Middleweight, Will Currie (5-0)

Currie is a primary grappler with a submission base. As a pro, he’s finished with a RNC, armbar, americana, keylock, and an arm-triangle. Wrestling wise he has good timing on his entries and has a strong body lock. Currie has been very impressive on the mat with that submission base, aggression, and smooth transitions. Only being 22, Currie has a bright future. He fights Christian Leroy Duncan (2-0).

Lightweight, Mike Figlak (4-0)

Poland’s Figlak made his name known when he beat top prospect Oban Elliott five months ago. Figlak is well-rounded and is everything you look for in a young fighter. On the feet, Figlak gets right at it throwing combinations, never throwing single strikes. He’s very accurate with everything thrown and his right hand over the shoulder is his best weapon. If Figlak isn’t impressive enough with his striking his wrestling is just as good if not better. I like Figlak so much I think he’s a future Cage Warriors champion. He fights Steven Hooper (5-3).

Featherweight, Ben Ellis (3-0)

Ellis is only 3-0 and I usually don’t mention uber young (career-wise) fighters in this feature but he’s impressed me a lot. It’s not like he only has three fights, as he had eight amateur fights going undefeated. As an amateur Ellis won the Budo Fighting and Cage Warriors lightweight title. Ellis is an excellent wrestler with solid positional grappler and has damaging ground and pound. He fights Manny Akpan (2-0).

EFC 34 | Russia | Friday

Bantamweight, Sharapudin Magomedov (4-0)

Russian Sharapudin Magomedov is only 4-0 as a pro but has some good experience as he had a 15-1 amateur record. Magomedov has been very dominant thus far in his pro career especially with his ground game. He does have some heavy hands but is a much more dangerous wrestler/grappler. Magomedov is dominant once on top with excellent ground and pound and heavy position control. He fights Renat Khavalov (3-0).

Featherweight, Busurmankul Abdibait Uulu (12-3-1)

The former M-1 veteran Busurmankul Abdibait Uulu makes his return to the cage after a year and a half layoff. Uulu’s last three fights went to a decision but on the other side has nine stoppages in the first round. He can stand and trade in a brawl, wrestle, and grapple all very well. Uulu has a bombshell of a right hand, heavy kicks, strong wresting, and solid ground and pound. Arguably the best prospect out of Kyrgyzstan. He fights Vladislav Korolevskiy (8-4).

Middleweight, Imam-Shapi Mukhtarov (8-0)

Mukhtarov is an exciting prospect out of Russia with an undefeated record. He’s got a diverse kickboxing style throwing a lot of spinning attacks. He’s always throwing something different and looks very tricky. Mukhtarov has good judo as well and is just as good on the mat with his jiu-jitsu. He fights Magomed Nurov (6-2).

Welterweight, Samandar Murodov (5-0)

Muradov the 21-year-old Russian is a top-notch grappler. His wrestling looks good as well. But once on the mat, he’s in full control. Muradov uses his length on the mat controlling the position, winning the scrambles, and his defensive grappling is solid. His jiu-jitsu is very glue-like as he as a strong body-lock and a tight mount. Just a grappler but a dangerous one. He fights Abdurakhman Alimagomedov (10-0).

Cage Warriors 121 | UK | Friday

Lightweight, Agy Sardari (13-2)

Being a Dutch fighter, of course Sardari has good kickboxing. He actually comes from a karate background and is an instructor. Sardari does have solid kicks, a good one-two, and nicely done footwork, moving in with two to three shots and back out. Sardari is well rounded and to me his wrestling and grappling is where he’s best. Sardari has strong wrestling and when he gets it to the mat he moves well on top. Off his back he’s super busy. As the fight goes on he gets better. He’s going to be a tough guy to beat. He fights Donovan Desmae (14-5).

Bantamweight, Jack Cartwright (9-0)

Cartwright has been wrestling since the age of five and has a background as a former ABA boxer. Cartwright just recently began showing his striking; with his power and timing he’s just as good as he is as a grappler. The Brit is a good wrestler and more of an exceptional grappler. He’s got a very dangerous guillotine and d’arce he’s finished with a few times. Cartwright is the real deal and one of my favorite prospects out of the UK. He fights  Sylwester Miller (9-3).

Welterweight, Ian Garry (5-0)

Among all the top prospects from the UK/Ireland, Garry stands out as the future. In his young career, Garry has already proven to be extremely well rounded, fought through adversity, and has already improved greatly. Garry is a dangerous fighter on the feet with a long jab and a flashy kicking arsenal. He likes to stay standing but does have an underrated ground game as well. He fights former UFC fighter Rostem Akman (6-2).


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