BFL 66: Undefeated Kyran Cameron Wants to Hit Top of the Heap in Canada, then Go Global

Kyran Cameron
Kyran Cameron Credit: Mike McClory/Cageside Press

Two undefeated prospects go at it in the welterweight ranks this Friday, and someone’s 0 has got to go when Kyran Cameron takes on Kennan Kellar at BFL 66. The event goes down on March 19 and will stream live on UFC Fight Pass.

Training camp amid a global pandemic has at times been cumbersome, but Cameron (4-0) is largely focused on returning after his last contest at BTC 9 in February 2020.

“It’s been going well you know. It’s been a long year since my last fight,” the Canadian fighter told us recently. “So I’ve been ready to get in there.”

Stepping Outside of BTC

“I definitely improved my skill set in that time. But you know with the pandemic, it did pose an interesting set of challenges for this training camp,” Cameron continued. “Frustration at times, but I have a good group of guys that we’ve been working with. We’ve just been pushing forward this whole time.”

The staple of BTC Fight Promotions is stepping outside the BTC umbrella for a BFL fight this time out and this bout has been on Kyran Cameron‘s radar for a bit.

“I think the event was originally slated for February sometime. So I did have word of this bout quite a few months ago,” said Cameron. “It was just through my coach. He’s been looking to get some guys on this card. So I had this opponent in mind and we were pretty much slated to fight each other for the last couple of months.”

“So it’s been a little bit of a drawn-out camp for this one. And, yeah, it’s gonna be good to have my first professional bout outside of BTC and test myself on the other side of the country.”

The Battlefield Fight League card does down in Vancouver, BC, and Cameron’s opponent Kennan Kellar is riding a four-fight win streak dating back to his amateur run. He has experience with BFL, Rise FC as well as Mamba Fight Night.

Cameron vs Kellar

Cameron has a familiarization with Kellar’s skillset and what seems to be a respectful awareness of what he brings to the cage heading into BFL 66.

“He seems like a pretty quality opponent and he is well-rounded. I know he does hold a purple belt under the 10th planet system,” said Cameron. “So his ground game is to be respected. He does have physical attributes that will pose different challenges in this fight.”

“I know he’s a lot taller of a guy. Coming down from I believe 185. So, it will prove to be a different match-up as my last ones that I’ve had. But it’s gonna be an interesting challenge and I’m ready for the opportunity.”

Preparations have had to be altered in several regards but Cameron has still been able to work with some of the best MMA fighters in Ontario and in Canada, by proxy.

“Luckily, I’ve been able to train with guys that also have fights coming up. Aaron Jeffery…Scott Hudson, Bobby Poulter. Scott is going to be on XFC, Bobby’s looking to get a fight soon. Luckily, I’m pretty close with the guys in Ontario that have been staying active during this time.”

“Because it is hard to find a fight at this time. So I’ve been able to click up with those guys. I’ve been going down to Niagara Top Team a lot for some closed sparring sessions with the pro guys.”

Fight Pass

On a coaching level, working with guys like Rory McDonell and Lyndon Whitlock is something that continues to be beneficial as well for Kyran Cameron’s development.

This Friday’s card marks the kickoff of a multi-year UFC Fight Pass broadcast deal for Battlefield Fight League. But it’s not something Kyran Cameron is looking at as anything other than the proverbial cherry on top.

“Being on UFC Fight Pass is huge because I do believe that it’s the number one way for people to view my fights. Seeing it is a platform that is easily accessible for everybody. You just pay the monthly fee and then you’re able to see my fight. So with that, yeah, naturally will have a little bit more eyeballs on it.”

“But that’s not my main concern. I just want to perform to the best of my ability. And it’s just a bonus that I’m gonna have more people watching it. And I think that this is a good match-up between two undefeated prospects. So it’s going to be a good bout to position myself to further my career.”

Battlefield Fight League

Kyran Cameron also has been getting shouted out in some prospect articles and is becoming a touted talent on the regional MMA scene in Canada. Cameron doesn’t shy away from enjoying some level of being spotlighted. But seems to use it more to galvanize his focuses on the goals he truly wants to actualize.

“It is nice to get some recognition. I mean especially doing it for all these years to have MMA outlets, reaching out to me and writing about me as one of the top prospects. It’s good because I believe that I’m up there with some of the best Canadian fighters, and ultimately that’s what I’m here to prove.”

“I want to get to the top of the heap in the Canadian rankings and then go international,” added Cameron. “Go to the top. So it’s good that they’re taking notice. I don’t place too much importance on that. Ultimately, it’s about what I do and my fight record. Getting those W’s but it’s nice to get a little bit of a pat on the back for our hard work.”

A parting thought from Kyran Cameron

“Thank you for having me and I hope that everyone tunes into my fight. March 19th, BFL, it’s going to be on UFC Fight Pass. So it’s gonna be really good. Tune in, you’re gonna see a show.”