LFA Champion Fabio Cherant Eyes UFC Following Heartwarming Title Victory

Fresh off an emotional and heartwarming title win at LFA 99 back on February 12, Fabio Cherant has his sights set on the big stage of the UFC.

Only a few weeks after his mother’s passing, Fabio Cherant did what many in the New England region knew he could do: he became a champion. Cherant battled for the LFA Light heavyweight championship at LFA 99, and in a five round decisive decision victory, claimed the LFA title. Now looking ahead to the future, a champion in a promotion known for handing the UFC “that next guy,” Cherant is waiting to get a call from Mr. Dana White.

“No Contender Series,” Cherant told Cageside Press in a recent interview. “I think I proved I belong in the UFC after this performance. I missed a late notice appearance already, it was my fault. I should be in the UFC right now,” Cherant continued. “Everything happens for a reason, I’ve gotten to fight two times since then and gotten better. If that doesn’t prove I do belong in the UFC, I’m not sure what will.”

Cherant is looking for short notice fights, and a call up to the UFC. In the pandemic era, such a scenario is not at all uncommon. That being said the “Water Buffalo” also added he will not wait forever, and will defend his light heavyweight belt for LFA if the UFC doesn’t call in the next month or so.

Not only is Cherant a champion, on the doorstep of the UFC, but he also accomplished the feat while grieving. As someone who is only two years removed from losing my own mother, I feel for Cherant, but the 7-1 fighter never came close to dropping out of the fight.

“Never, never,” Cherant told us. “I was asked a few days after [his mother’s passing] if I was going to fight, I said hell yeah I am. My mindset wasn’t built for it, I would have lost my mind if I didn’t have something to focus on,” Cherant continued. “I turned the loss into motivation, into something good.”

Catch the full interview with LFA light heavyweight champion Fabio Cherant above!