Carlos Ulberg Dominates Cherant At UFC 271, Expected More of a Bull

Houston, TX – What was expected to be a barn burner of a fight turned into a three round display of dominance by UFC light heavyweight Carlos Ulberg at UFC 271 on Saturday night.

Ulberg (4-1) defeated Fabio Cherant (7-4) via unanimous decision after going the full 15 minutes in the octagon.

“Fabio you know, I expected him to come out a bit more as a bull given his nickname, and watching a bit of his history of his fights. But again it takes two to tango and I guess he just didn’t want it as much as I did,” Ulberg said in his post-fight scrum.

After lackluster first round between Ulberg and Cherant it seemed as though the former found his rhythm and began to dominate the fight.

“I knew from the get go that Fabio felt my dominance, he felt my presence. So after every single round I knew that he kind of just, he was looking for that big shot. I had to keep myself aware of that. I keep my focus with it. It’s a light heavyweight division anyone can get knocked out. You’ve got the speed and you’ve got the power, we’re just below the heavyweights, so everyone’s got power so you’ve got to be careful.”

Moving forward from Cherant after a dominant win Ulberg seemed to joke about a future opponent, but he did give a name.

“Not yet, but I’ll go home and we’ll see. Maybe we’ll go to Vegas and we’ll talk. I didn’t get too badly hurt or anything but who knows. Paulo Costa,” Ulberg said chuckling when he named Costa.

Watch the full UFC 271 post-fight press conference with Carlos Ulberg above.