UFC Vegas 17’s Khaos Williams: “The Work Always Will Speak for Itself in the End”


UFC Vegas 17 welterweight Michel Pereira has promised “43 never repeated weird moves” in his fight with Khaos Williams. Or at least how ever many of them he can pull off in fifteen minutes or less. So how does Khaos plan to prevent him from executing all those?

“Ain’t no telling. It’s a fight man. I’m just about to adapt to whatever he give me,” Williams (11-1) told Cageside Press and other media outlets during a virtual media day this week. “Like I say, for everybody, he makes a mistake he got to pay.”

Both Williams and Pereira are finishers, and it feels like this fight not might make it the distance. That’s something Williams agrees with. “It’s definitely the feeling I have going in,” he stated. “If it’s my way, he outta there. First round. But if not, I feel like he’s gonna come in a little bit smarter. So I might just have to ground him out, punish him all three rounds.”

Williams actually sees Pereira as less dangerous than his last opponent, Adbul Razak Alhassan. In way of explanation, Williams noted that “when you compare both of them two, you got Razak, ten first round knockouts. Two losses. The resume speaks for itself.”

Khaos is one of those rare fighters who has had an outstanding 2020 professionally, despite all the distractions and, well, chaos the year has wrought globally. That’s something he chalks up to “just my mindset, my work ethic. God just keeping me strong through it all.”

He’s also done an impressive job of taking advantage of the opportunities presented to him. “I was the co-main event my last fight, and I shined. I took advantage of the opportunity that was presented in an extraordinary way,” Williams stated. “And now I got a game opponent, another seasoned opponent, and I’m about to shine again.”

With all these quick finishes, however — both his UFC bouts have been over and done with in all of 30 seconds — how does Williams gauge his development as a fighter?

“I just continue to get better man. I could feel it,” Williams answered. “When you in the gym every day, you working on technical stuff, you putting it into the tool box. I know what’s going on. I know myself, I know when I’m getting better. Even though I went out there and I got it over in 30 seconds and I’m right back the gym, I’m not out of shape. The work always will speak for itself in the end.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 17 media day press scrum with Khaos Williams above.


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