Weekly MMA Prospect Report: Patchy Mix, Keoni Diggs Look to Shake Prospect Label


Eternal MMA 53 | Saturday | Australia

Welterweight, Jack Della Maddalena (8-2)

After starting off his career losing his first two fights, Jack Della Maddalena is now on a seven-fight win streak. He is also the defending Eternal MMA welterweight champion. On the feet, he hits hard with both his hands and kicks. He’s very technical as well mixing in kicks and punches into combos. Della is solid at attacking the body, going there often, and effectively using his elbows. He’s probably a better wrestler who has finished both with ground and pound, and submissions. Della does need to work on his takedown defense, but thus far his exceptional jiu-jitsu has done well for him. He fights Aldin Bates (6-2).

Middleweight, Isi Fitikefu (6-0)

Last October Isi beat a good fighter in Kitt Campbell for the Eternal MMA title. Fitikefu is a solid wrestler who has an aggressive and relentless pace with effective chain wrestling. He has one submission win on his resume, but he relies more on his ground and pound. On the feet, Fitikefu has big power in his hands and his right hand is a loaded gun that puts opponents to sleep. He fights John Martin Fraser (4-2).

Lightweight, Blake Donnelly (4-0)

Fundamentals are crucial in a fighter and Blake Donnelly displays just that. The Aussie has a good jab, uses a lot of feints, has good cardio, and has already developed good fight IQ. All those qualities are great for such a young fighter to have. He’s already the Australian FC Vacant Lightweight Championship. There is some uncertainty around him due to the lack of competition he has faced outside of David Martinez. He fights Dimps Gillies (4-2) who is a good test.

Fight World Tour | Saturday | Spain

Bantamweight, Jonas Magard (11-4)

Magard isn’t as comfortable on the feet still as he does hold some power and has good movement but it’s not where it needs to be at a high-level. Magard though is a grappling ace with his submission game winning five via the rare Japanese Necktie. His wrestling has gotten better as he’s doing a good job securing single legs for the most part. He fights Mateus Oliveira (6-2).

Bellator 246 | Saturday | US

Bantamweight, Patrick Mix (13-0)

Undefeated as a pro, Mix also went 11-0 as an amateur. The mix is all about pressure and he is always moving forward, walking his opponent down. Mix has nine wins by submissions with five rear-naked chokes showing he is more comfortable on the mat. Such an excellent grappler and someone nobody should test on the mat. He fights Juan Archuleta (24-2) for the vacant bantamweight title.

Lightweight, Keoni Diggs (8-0)

Diggs really excels everywhere. He a better grappler, where he’s smooth at taking the back and once there, most likely he going to finish that rear-naked choke — holding four wins going that way on his record. Diggs is always looking for the finish, always landing heavy active ground and pound which usually creates openings for him to grab the neck. He times his takedowns when his foes over-commit coming forward and can press the legs to get his hands clasped dumping his opponents down. Diggs is a relentless fighter always pressing forward and landing takedowns, and his work rate is very noticeable. The Hawaiian is a good technical boxer throwing always in combinations from in a tight range. Diggs has a stoppage from leg kicks and it has been a tool he’s been using more and more. He has the gas tank and aggressiveness which makes him a big problem. He fights Derek Campos (20-10) being his biggest test to date.

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