Chaka Worthy Motivated by Pittsburgh Youth on Daily Basis

Chaka Worthy was all set to step in as replacement for Bellator 244, until his fight was cancelled.

Chaka Worthy (3-2) certainly has fighting in his bloodline. His brother, Khama Worthy, is currently in the UFC and fights September 12, looking to increase his winning streak to 8. Chaka, meanwhile, was supposed to fight just a few short weeks ago, against fellow prospect Mike Kimbell. The fight, unfortunately, fell through.

Recently, Worthy spoke to Cageside Press about the relationship he and his brother share, and revealed that for now, he is staying away from him in the gym.

“That’s my blood brother,” Worthy stated. “That bond will always be there. As far as the fighting goes, we keep it real professional, no shortcuts but he is always a great support of course.” When it comes to avoid his brother in the gym, it’s for good reason. “I’m walking around lighter now, so I try to avoid him [Khama] because he is very dangerous.”

Worthy, a Pittsburgh native, was set to face Bellator’s Kimbel on short notice, but Kimbel was removed from the fight. It is nothing new for Worthy, who has had a fight cancelled the day of in the past. In the meantime, Worthy has been using quarantine time wisely.

“My last fight was cancelled the day of,” Worthy told CagesidePress. “Since then it has been shutdown, training hasn’t actually been bad, I’ve actually been enjoying training,” Worthy continued. “It’s been a lot more focused, the training has actually been great, the downside is not fighting.”

Worthy comes from a tight knit smaller gym, Pittsburgh Academy, with his brother and Bellator’s John De Jesus. Worthy began fighting at 25, and five years later he is still looking to improve on all levels.

“I’m not exactly where I wanted to be,” Worthy stated. “I started training late, I was 25 years old, just gotta hit the ground running. I love to fight, I’ve been blessed not to be injured, fight and take quick turnarounds,” Worthy continued. “That’s the whole mantra of our gym, sign the contracts and let’s do it.”

Worthy, like many of his counterparts, does have other commitments in life besides his job as a martial artist. For Worthy, his job of helping the youth of Pittsburgh is a blessing much more important than stepping in a cage.

“I keep it separate, I still have my regular job,” Worthy told Cageside Press. “I work with youth in the city and throughout Allegheny County,” he continued. “It’s great, working with the youth, seeing how they are adjusting and dealing with everything going on, it really keeps me motivated. They face a lot of adversity and still achieve their goals, it really makes fighting not that big of a deal.”

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