DWCS Week 2: Impa Kasanganay Reacts to Getting “Coconut Bombz” for UFC Debut

Without a finish, Impa Kasanganay wasn’t sure he’d done enough to earn a UFC contract at the Contender Series on Tuesday. “We were wondering,” Kasanganay admitted. “Anthony Adams is a tough opponent, good guy. I like to get in there and mix it up, started off a little slow. But my coach got on me, my teammates helped me, we got the adjustments to start getting after it.”

There was good reason for Kasasnganay’s doubt. He was on the Contender Series last year, and fought to a decision against Kailin Hill. A second decision win on the show was no guarantee of a UFC contract. But Kasanganay’s willingness to make a quick turnaround, something he expressed in his post-fight interview, appeared to seal the deal.

Following the event, UFC President Dana White confirmed Kasanganay would fight Maki Pitolo on August 22.

“Is that Coconut Bombz? Yeah, let’s go! I love that,” Kasanganay exclaimed. “Much respect to him. I’m excited to go.”

Before granting Impa Kasanganay a UFC contract, UFC President Dana White expressed some doubts about the 7-0 middleweight. That, however, is not something Kasanganay is dwelling on.

“I look at it in a positive way,” explained Kasanganay. He compared the situation to the pandemic. “You can either see the negatives of the pandemic, where we’re staying home and quarantining, or you can find the best out of it.”

During the fight, opponent Anthony Adams did a little showboating, with his arms behind his back. Some fighters might find themselves angered, taking that as disrespectful. Not Kasanganay, however.

“I actually thought it was pretty funny, I like it. I like the craftiness, I like the tricks in the game. I knew he’s a pretty tricky fighter,” he told the assembled media on Tuesday. “I don’t think he meant to be disrespectful.”