DWCS Week 2: Adrian Yanez Recalls “Weird Calmness” Ahead of UFC Contract-Winning Performance

Adrian Yanez stood out head and shoulders above the rest at week two of Dana White’s Contender Series this year. That’s thanks to a thunderous finish against Brady Huang. It was one of three stoppages on the night, but the others came by way of injuries and the cageside physician. Yanez’ stoppage being clean gave him the edge — and the UFC deal.

Speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press post-fight, Yanez (11-3) reflected on his performance. “I felt like I did great. As soon as I stepped in, I had this weird calmness over me. I know usually people are supposed to have this type of jitters. You’re fighting with nobody around this is the first time that’s happened.”

“For me, it was this weird calm. As soon as I got in there, I looked across the cage, I looked at him, he looked [back] and looked away,” Yanez continued. “In my head, I don’t know why, I was the most confident I have ever been, and I knew exactly what he wanted to do. As soon as he threw the first punch and everything, it all just fell into place.”

Planning to move to fighting full time now that he has a UFC deal, Yanez is ready to get to work. “If somebody drops out this week, I’m your huckleberry. I’m here, I’m ready to go, I’m already pretty close to the weight anyway,” he exclaimed.

Watch the full Contender Series Season 4 Week 2 Post-Fight Press Conference with Adrian Yanez above.