Bellator 243: Sabah Homasi Donating Fight Kit for Lebanon Tragedy, Wants “Ninja Turtle Paul Daley” Next

Homasi defeated Curtis Millender at Bellator 243, felt it was his best performance yet.

Sabah Homasi was victorious at Bellator 243, his third win in a row. Fighting fellow former UFC vet in Curtis Millender, Homasi dominated in a technical bout. While during media day Homasi stated he wanted to ‘bring his head home on a spike’, he may have impressed even more with a three round genius game plan against the speedy Millender.

“I felt confident, I f*cking dominated every round,” Homasi said of the decision. “This is mixed martial arts, not kickboxing. If you are expecting someone to come in and stand and strike with you, you’re in the wrong f*cking sport,” Homasi continued. “If you don’t utilize all your tools then what the f*ck you fighting MMA for?”

Homasi had some intense fight IQ in his corner on Friday night at Bellator 243. His head coach, and head coach of American Top Team, Mike Brown. He also had good friend and training partner Dustin Poirier belting out what to watch for and what transitions were needed to steer clear of submission attempts.

“Super helpful, we put the reps in over and over again to the point where I was doing it in my sleep,” Homasi told media outlets including Cageside Press. “But that’s what you gotta do, do it over and over again until your doing it in your f*cking sleep.”

Sabah Homasi is of Lebanese background, and with the recent tragedy that occurred in the country, Homasi is going to donate to Poirier’s “Good Fight Foundation” to help in any way he can.

“This was for all the people in Lebanon,” Homasi stated. “My family is safe, I’m sorry for all the people whose loved ones are effected by it. Dustin Poirier has the Good Fight Foundation, so I’ll auction of my fight kit and take those donations to send over to Lebanon,” Homasi graciously stated. “It’s the best I can do right now, just to give back to the community.”

As for who is next for Homasi, who is now on a three fight win streak, it’s the man he has been scheduled to fight twice now, “Semtex.” Paul Daley. That’s Homasi’s pick.

“I want Paul Daley, bring that ninja turtle over here as soon as his border opens up,” Homasi told the media. “I want him, I want anyone in the top 10 to climb up this ladder.”