Bellator 243: Cris Lencioni Calls Agazarm “Sore Loser,” Fighting for More Than Himself

Lencioni ends the rivalry with Agazarm on top.

The beef between Cris Lencioni and AJ Agazarm started up about five years ago according to Lencioni. It came to an end Friday at Bellator 243. In a frustrating bout that was taken to decision, Lencioni was the victor and attempted to shake Agazarm’s hand after, but AJ was having none of it. Lencioni took us through how he believed the beef started during the post-fight press conference.

“I met him at FCFF [Full Contact Fighting Federation], I was an amateur,” Lencioni started. “I went up to him and said ‘hey man I need a water,'” to which Agazarm responded “‘no I won’t  get you a water, I’m AJ Agazarm.’ That’s just kind of where it started, I guess because I didn’t know who he was, sorry.”

Post-fight at Bellator 243 Agazarm came to the media table, a surprise to the press, and spoke about having the fighter overturned due to one of the judges having a relationship both with Lencioni and himself. Agazarm had called for the outcome to be turned into at the very least a draw, or a win for him.

“No man, that’s a sore loser,” Lencioni laughed. “I was willing to shake his hand after it was all said and done, but I mean he is a cheater in every way. He head butted me, he got a lot of free shots in there and did nothing. I molested, that’s not the best word, I did very naughty things to that man’s face.”

Lencioni admits that fighting at Bellator 243 was about more than his own victory, but a fight for his loved ones as well. As some people in his love struggle with the “C word” that he doesn’t like to use, this win was for all of them.

“Cancer, I don’t like to say it,” Lencioni told the media. “I’ve had a lot of people pass from cancer in my life. My buddy Chad is going through that, he is on day five of Chemo, and I hope, I know he will beat it.”