UFC Vegas 5: Vicente Luque Hoping to Follow Through on 2020 Plans

Vicente Luque had a plan set in place to fight three times in 2020. This weekend’s bout against Randy Brown at UFC Vegas 5 will be fight number two.

If you’re at all surprised that Vicente Luque is fighting Randy Brown this weekend, don’t be.

Yes, Luque is coming off a win over a bigger name in Niko Price. In theory, the Brazilian welterweight could look a little higher up the rankings. But, thing is, Luque wanted to fight. He and Brown had been scheduled to face off before, prior to a number of cards getting the axe thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

So bringing this pair back just made sense, Luque told Cageside Press during the UFC Vegas 5 media day.

“I wanted to keep myself active this year. So I was looking for a fight after right after Nico [Price],” he explained. “I thought August made a lot of sense for me. I was able to recover and have a good training camp for this fight. And Randy was a guy that I was supposed to fight before. So it just made sense to get that fight. He wanted it, he wanted to fight me so for me it made sense. He’s a guy that wants to fight. I’m looking for a fight. Let’s do it and let’s have fun.”

Of course, the groundwork was laid back prior to their original April date. Luque then had to put that aside and focus on Price, only to return to training for Randy Brown.

“I’m always training to be complete everywhere. So we’ll fight anyone they put in front of me,” exclaimed Luque. “I had to do a little bit of adjusting when I got the Niko Price fight. But at the same time, once I got to fight Randy Brown again… I already had studied him in the beginning of the year, so kind of in that sense, it is better. Because I already had some game plan adjustments, and now I just focused even more for this fight and was able to get a good training camp for it.”

Luque, more than anything, is looking to stick to a goal he made ahead of 2020: to fight three times this year. And if all goes well this weekend, he’s sticking to that.

“All the focus is on Saturday night, but after that, if I’m 100% feeling good, healthy, I want to put a one more fight in this year,” said Luque. “My plan was for three fights in 2020. And I want to keep stick to that plan.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 5 media day press scrum with Vicente Luque above.